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Why can't we vote online? | CNBC Explains
An election held in the midst of a global pandemic would seem to be an ideal time for online voting. CNBC’s Tom Chitty explains why many cybersecurity experts are wary of voting via the internet.
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What is a SPAC? | CNBC Explains
Despite a shaky reputation, special purpose acquisition companies are among the hottest stocks of 2020. CNBC’s Nessa Anwar explains why investors are buying into these blank-check companies.
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The fight over the internet, under the sea | CNBC Explains
The ocean is home to more than 700,000 miles of submarine cables that carry the internet worldwide.
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The perils of developing a vaccine at warp speed | CNBC Explains
The last time the U.S. government tried to create a vaccine at “warp speed” in 1976 ended in a fiasco.
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How the economic crisis is hitting young people the hardest | CNBC Reports
An already bleak outlook for young people has been made worse by the coronavirus-induced economic crisis damaging their employment prospects.
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Is sustainable investing just a marketing ploy? | CNBC Reports
In recent years, investors have flocked to funds that claim to meet environmental, social and corporate governance standards, or ESG. But are these investments really contributing to a better world?
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Why is tourism picking up so slowly in Southeast Asia? | CNBC International
Tourist hotspots in Southeast Asia, such as Phuket and Bali, have been badly affected by the pandemic.
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The accounting oligopoly: What’s next for the Big Four? | CNBC Explains
After some of the biggest financial scandals in history, the future of the big four accountancy firms, KPMG, PWC, EY and Deloitte are at a crossroads. CNBC’s Tom Chitty explains.
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Why is poverty rising in Japan? | CNBC Explains
Despite record employment under Abenomics, Japan’s poverty rate is the second highest among the Group of Seven nations at 15.7%, and above the OECD average.
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69 days 8:06
What is ByteDance? | CNBC Explains
ByteDance is known as China’s most famous consumer app factory. The company is behind social media apps like international sensation TikTok, Douyin, and AI-powered news aggregator Toutiao.
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Dubai’s iconic tourist attractions reopen amid the pandemic | CNBC Reports
As countries around the world grapple with reopening their economies amid the coronavirus pandemic, the emirate of Dubai is back open for tourism, a sector vital to its economy.
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Old dog, new tricks: What are the skills needed to land your next job? | CNBC Make It
The coronavirus pandemic has fundamentally altered the workforce, prompting many to wonder about the jobs of the future and the skills needed to secure them.
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How gig workers are surviving the pandemic | CNBC Make It
Independent workers have come under new pressure this year as the coronavirus-induced downturn and shifting consumer habits have dramatically altered their workload.
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How to fix rising income inequality during Covid-19 | CNBC Reports
Poverty levels are rising for the first time since 1998 due to the coronavirus pandemic, which has exacerbated income inequality.
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These start-ups are preparing for a future after the pandemic | CNBC Make It
The coronavirus pandemic has uprooted most aspects of daily life. But some entrepreneurs are finding opportunities in crisis by sowing the seeds for a new future.
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The problem of education inequality | CNBC Reports
The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted education inequality affecting both poor and rich nations across the world.
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How Rwanda kept its Covid-19 death rate low | CNBC Reports
From imposing the first nationwide lockdown in Africa to enlisting robots in its fight against Covid-19, Rwanda has managed to keep its death rate low.
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How big businesses in Singapore are managing the challenges of coronavirus | Make It International
From leading crisis relief efforts to supporting other companies, CNBC Make It’s Karen Gilchrist looks at how multinationals from three of Singapore's leading industries are trying to spark economic
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How Covid-19 is changing our shopping habits | CNBC Reports
Amid lockdowns and social distancing, the pandemic is changing what consumers want and how they buy it.
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The changing face of privacy in a pandemic | CNBC Explains
As governments worldwide harness technology to trace and curb the spread of the coronavirus, there are growing concerns about privacy violations and data protection.
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Brand boycott: what's the future of ads on social? | CNBC Reports
Much of the internet is funded by advertising, with Facebook making more than 98% of its $70 billion revenues in 2019 from advertising.
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What happened to Wirecard? | CNBC Explains
German payments group Wirecard was once seen as Europe’s most exciting fintech company. Now it’s at the center of one of the biggest financial scandals in the country’s history.
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Is going green good for business? | CNBC Reports
At this Bali beach resort, menus are made of old tires and flip flops, while bottle caps are turned into tissue dispensers. Can hotels save the planet while also saving money?
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How the pandemic is accelerating changes in healthcare | CNBC Make It
The coronavirus has accelerated developments in the medical technology industry, which was undergoing changes even before the outbreak.
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What's the future for the German economy? | CNBC Reports
Germany has the largest economy in Europe, but the pandemic has exacerbated its weaknesses, with GDP expected to fall by 7% this year.
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What is the dispute between China and India all about? | CNBC Explains
A deadly clash between Indian and Chinese troops in June 2020 along the much-disputed Himalayan border resulted in the first loss of lives in fighting between the two militaries in 45 years.
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Vietnam has zero coronavirus deaths. Here’s why. | CNBC Reports
Vietnam is among a handful of countries to have reported no fatalities from the coronavirus pandemic.
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148 days 8:09
How Hong Kong beat coronavirus and avoided lockdown | CNBC Reports
Despite being one of the world’s most dense cities, Hong Kong never went into lockdown — making it one of the only major cities to do so.
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How do negative interest rates work? | CNBC Explains
One of the tools being discussed as a way to deal with the economic damage of the coronavirus pandemic is negative interest rates.
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We went inside Hong Kong Disneyland during a global pandemic | CNBC Reports
From the massive crowds at theme parks to the long queues for rollercoaster rides, how will attractions look like after the pandemic?
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