3 hours 1:07:47
Live Q&A: National Guards in DC Screened for Political Views; Melania Calls for Peace | Crossroads
As the nation prepares for the Jan 20 inauguration, the FBI and Department of Defense are vetting members of the National Guard stationed in Washington for their political views.
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1 day 1:07:41
Live Q&A: Increased Security the 'New Normal' In Washington; Biden Readies Executive Orders
Up to 25,000 National Guard troops will be deployed in Washington, D.C., for increased security around the Jan.
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3 days 1:08:49
Live Q&A: Troops In Washington DC Grows to 25,000; Mike Lindell's Trump Meeting Notes Photographed
The number of National Guard troops being deployed in Washington DC for the January 20 Presidential inauguration has been increased up to 25,000, and California is also now mobilizing its National
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4 days 1:11:45
Live Q&A: BLM Activist Among Those Charged for Storming Capitol; Trump Declassifies Russia-gate Docs
Investigations are still ongoing into the storming of the Capitol building on Jan.
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6 days 1:15:11
Live Q&A: Trump Says Impeachment Is a 'Witch Hunt;' Big Tech Loses Billions Over Censorship
During brief comments to reporters before leaving to speak in Texas, Trump said that the push to impeach him is a "witch hunt" that will only increase tensions.
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6 days 26:19
Parler CEO On Fighting Censorship and Double Standards, and Restoring Free Speech | Crossroads
A wave of censorship has been launched by mainstream news outlets, big tech, and a handful of businesses that is mainly targeting conservatives.
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7 days 1:11:13
Live Q&A: Emergency Declaration in DC Approved by Trump; First Time Trump & Pence Speak Since Jan 6?
Donald Trump has approved an emergency declaration for Washington, D.C., and up to 15,000 National Guard troops could be deployed on inauguration day amid rumors of armed protests.
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7 days 12:14
Analysis of Ashli Babbit Video Suggests Coordinated Actions—Interview W. Masako Ganaha | Crossroads
During the protests at the Capitol building on Jan. 6, among the five people killed was Air Force veteran Ashli Babbit.
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8 days 19:35
'Agent Provocateur' Tactics Seen at Jan 6 US Capitol Protest—Interview With Michael Yon | Crossroads
The United States is still making sense of what took place on Jan 6 at Capitol Hill in Washington DC, and among the accusations has been that the radical organization Antifa was involved at the
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10 days 37:54
‘A Greater Revival Will Come to This Nation’—Interview With Pastor Brian Gibson | Crossroads
The United States was shaken over the last several months by the 2020 elections and conflicts that have followed, leading up to the protests at the US Capitol.
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11 days 1:25:52
Live Q&A: What Happened Jan 6 at US Capitol? A Look into Events Surrounding the Electoral Vote Count
Trump is being accused of inciting insurrection, after holding a large event and protest in Washington DC as Electoral Votes were counted in a joint session of Congress in the Capitol building.
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13 days 30:00
Rep. Louie Gohmert Explains His Electoral College Lawsuit, and the Risks to Civility | Crossroads
Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-TX) made headlines recently by filing a lawsuit against Vice President Mike Pence, seeking to declare the Electoral Count Act of 1887 unconstitutional, which would
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13 days 16:02
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13 days 29:26
What the US Constitution Says About the Jan 6 Electoral College Vote Count—Interview With Rick Green
Questions are swirling over what will happen when a joint session of Congress comes together on Jan.
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14 days 1:06:16
Live Q&A: 432K Votes Taken From Trump in Pennsylvania; First Jan 6 Objection Filed | Crossroads
Analysis from the Data Integrity Group obtained by The Epoch Times shows that over 432,000 votes were removed from Donald Trump in the November 2020 Presidential election. And Rep.
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14 days 16:11
China's Religious Suppression Could Spread if Not Challenged—Interview with William L. Saunders
Many religious groups are targeted for persecution in China, including Christians, Catholics, Falun Gong practitioners, Muslim Uyghurs, and Tibetan Buddhists, and if these persecutions are not
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15 days 31:41
Turning Point Special Episode with Rep-Elect Mary Miller, Pastor Todd Coconato & More! | Crossroads
In this special episode of Crossroads from the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in FLorida, we speak with several experts on the current state in America.
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18 days 1:10:31
Live Q&A: 'Special Evidence' Prepared for Jan 6 Electoral Vote | Crossroads
The Trump campaign team announced they are looking to present "specific evidence" when Electoral Votes are counted on Jan.
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18 days 18:05
Religious Liberty Is Under Assault, Even in the United States—Interview with Faith McDonnell
Religious liberty is under assault around the world, and not just in Mainland China and countries under totalitarian regimes, but even in the United States where censorship and government policy are
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19 days 1:07:24
Live Q&A: 289000 ‘Excess Votes’ in Battleground States?; Sen Hawley Will Object Electoral Vote Count
Senator Josh Hawley became the first to declare that he will object to Joe Biden's electoral college votes in Congress on Jan. 6.
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19 days 38:18
Exclusive: An Inside Look at Border Trafficking Tunnels | Crossroads
We've often heard stories about tunnels used for human trafficking and drug trafficking, and about the various types of trafficking operations run by drug cartels and coyotes.
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20 days 1:04:42
Pence's Powers On Electoral Counts Disputed; Biden Says DOD Obstructing Transition | Crossroads
As the Jan. 6 count of the Electoral College votes for US president draw near, the powers of Vice President Mike Pence in the counting are being called into question.
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20 days 5:39
Stepping Forward at America's Critical Moment—Alex Bruesewitz on the Value of Grassroots Support
The elections are still contested, and when electoral college votes are counted on Jan. 6 they will be faced with dueling electors from several states.
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21 day 1:08:43
Republicans Sue Pence to Overturn Election Results; House Overrides Trump Veto of 2021 Defense Act
The US House of Representatives voted on December 28 to override Trump's veto of the 2021 National Defense Authorization Act.
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21 day 26:43
Our Individual Sovereignty Is Now Under Assault—Ed Martin on the Conflict that America is Facing
The conflict the United States now faces is between individual sovereignty and big government, and this ties to the subversion of socialist movements within the American system.
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22 days 1:09:55
Live Q&A: Nashville Explosion May Have Targeted AT&T Building | Crossroads
The bomb that went on in #Nashville, #Tennessee, on Christmas day is still under investigation, and the local mayor, #JohnCooper, is now suggesting that the person behind the bombing may have been
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23 days 30:23
CCP Is Taking Over Other Nations That Were Once Free—Se Hoon Kim On The Captive Nations of China
In this episode, we'll be speaking with Se Hoon Kim, director of the Captive Nations Coalition of the Committee on the Present Danger: China, about the Chinese government's abusive policies towards
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25 days 1:11:06
Live Q&A: Washington's Vision of the 'Greatest Peril' | Crossroads
In 1777, President George Washington is alleged to have had a vision of the spirit of America, warning him of three great perils that would befall the nation.
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25 days 22:56
Paul Kengor: Communist Destruction Guides Modern Social Movements | Crossroads
It's common to hear that when people speak about socialism, that #socialism and #communism have nothing to do with each other. But what's really the case?
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26 days 1:12:51
Live Q&A: Virus Relief Bill Accused by Trump of Wasteful Spending | Crossroads
Trump released a video on December 22 suggesting he will block the $900 billion virus #ReliefBill unless #Congress removes billions of dollars that would be sent to foreign countries and U.S.
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