19 hours 1:02:55
Live Q&A: Jurors Finds Chauvin Guilty On All Charges; Witness Threatened | Crossroads
Jurors agreed to convict former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin on April 20 on all charges for the death of George Floyd. During the trials, a witness was threatened, Rep.
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2 days 1:07:58
Live Q&A: Biden Calls for More Gun Control After Shooting; National Guard Troops Injured| Crossroads
Members of the National Guard were injured and allegedly came under fire during riots in Minneapolis on April 18.
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4 days 27:43
Cancel Culture Is Part of Plot to Transform the Culture of America—Interview with Gene D'Agostino
There are groups in the United States trying to remake the education system, and as part of this they're targeting race and gender narratives, and targeting even children's books and cartoon
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5 days 1:04:30
Live Q&A: Mike Lindell Launches New Social Network; Democrats Intro Bill to Expand Supreme Court
Mike Lindell of MyPillow announced the launch of his new social media platform for April 19, 2021, and said it will uphold protections on free speech laid out in the US Constitution.
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6 days 23:23
How Business and Politics Cooperate in Corrupt Tax Policies; Interview With Wendy Damron |Crossroads
The Biden administration is looking to roll back Trump's tax reforms, while also putting into place new tax programs including against businesses with the new corporate tax.
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7 days 1:05:46
Live Q&A: Epoch Times Hong Kong Attacked, Global Lawmakers Respond; Trump on Supreme Court Packing
A group of men armed with sledgehammers and a knife forced their way into the Epoch Times printing facilities in Hong Kong and destroyed equipment needed to print the newspaper.
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8 days 51:41
LIVE: Epoch Times Press Conference on Attack on Free Press in Hong Kong | Crossroads
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8 days 45:43
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9 days 1:03:27
Live Q&A: Trump Predicts Republicans Will Retake Congress and White House
Donald Trump is predicting that Republicans will retake Congress in 2022 and the White House in 2024.
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11 days 32:59
How Religion Is Being Twisted to Support Political Agendas—Interview with Dr Frank Turek
*We incorrectly wrote the Dr. Turek was with Summit Ministries, he is actually with CrossExamined.org. We apologize for the error.
43 325
12 days 1:03:46
Live Q&A: Biden Announces New Gun Restrictions, Says This Is the Beginning | Crossroads
The Biden administration announced new restrictions on firearms, including against so-called “ghost guns,” and the enhancement of red flag laws, in addition to other measures.
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13 days 31:25
What Instant Fame Is Like In the Music Industry—Interview With Mason Musso | Crossroads
We all hear stories about the music industry, the good and the bad, what it's like dealing with record labels, rising to the top, and going independent as many artists are now doing.
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14 days 1:05:11
Live Q&A: WHO Report On Virus Origins Raises Calls for Lab Origin Investigation | Crossroads
After the WHO released its report investigating the origins of the COVID-19 virus in China, its conclusions are now being called into question, and further investigations are raising calls for new
76 556
15 days 27:56
False Compassion Is Being Used to Hide the Border Crisis—Interview With Former Senator Jim DeMint
There is a crisis at the US-Mexico border of mass migration, and as this happens, human traffickers and gangs are moving in to take advantage of the situation.
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16 days 1:01:54
Live Q&A: MLB Georgia Boycott Followed China Deal; Trump Starts Boycotts | Crossroads
Shortly before joining a boycott of the state of Georgia over a disagreement with its election reform legislation, Major League Baseball had extended and expanded a contract with a Chinese
84 323
18 days 29:48
What Drives the American Spirit of Innovation—Interview w RedBull Stratos Tech Director Art Thompson
The problem of intellectual property theft by the Chinese government, and even similar intellectual property theft by the Soviet Union during the Cold War, would appear to be unnecessary in context
24 606
19 days 1:04:12
Live Q&A: Coverup of Nursing Home Deaths Suspected In Five US States; Trump May Restart Rallies
As New York Governor Andrew Cuomo faces allegations of a coverup around deaths in group homes caused by his virus lockdown policies, similar coverups may have taken place in other states, and House
74 606
20 days 13:09
Don't Fear Persecution, Says Political Prisoner of 17 Years—Interview with Jorge Luis Antonis
Jorge Luis Antonis spent 17 years as a political prisoner of the Castro regime in Cuba, simply for criticizing the ruling party.
35 633
21 day 1:04:48
Live Q&A: Trump Launches 45office.com for Activism Campaign; Cartels Threaten Republican Senators
Donald Trump has launched a new website, 45office.com, to kickoff his new activist campaign to advance the “Make America Great Again” agenda.
148 850
22 days 30:35
Arguments Against the Convention of States—Interview With Robert Brown | Crossroads
We recently interviewed Mark Meckler, president of Convention of States Action, about his movement calling to invoke Article V of the Constitution to call a convention of states to amend the US
51 457
23 days 1:09:35
Live Q&A: Trump Questions ‘Where’s Durham’; China Outlines Plan to Destroy America | Crossroads
Donald Trump issued a statement questioning special counsel John Durham went.
141 083
25 days 30:28
Cancel Culture's Impact On Creativity—Interview With Clarence Felder and Chris Weatherhead
Cancel culture is broadening its targets, to include just recently the Disney films "Peter Pan" and "Dumbo," to cartoon characters like Speedy Gonzales, to children's authors like Dr. Seuss.
34 806
26 days 1:04:25
Live Q&A: US Intel Turns Sights On Americans; China Reinforces Alliances Amid ‘Wolf Warrior’ Posture
The Chinese government is reinforcing its alliances with Russia and North Korea, as it brings back its hostile form of “wolf warrior” diplomacy.
73 427
27 days 36:28
The Green New Deal Is About Government Control, Not the Environment—Interview with Marc Morano
When the Green New Deal was first announced, many conservatives didn't take it seriously, and even many environmentalists criticized it for missing the mark.
57 494
28 days 1:04:29
Live Q&A: Trump Reveals What He Wrote in Note to Biden; Says America No Longer Has a Free Press
Donald Trump has revealed some of the contents of the letter he wrote to Joe Biden when he left office, and raised concerns in a separate interview that America no longer has a free press.
142 339
29 days 28:42
Hollywood's Agenda and the New Hollywood Movement—Interview With Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman
While Hollywood has been dealing with pushback from its political agendas, and reeling from the financial impact of the virus lockdowns, a new Hollywood has been quietly growing from independent
48 846
30 days 1:05:50
Live Q&A: Trump Launching a New Social Network; US Falls Into Diplomatic Trap With China Debates
Donald Trump is planning to release his own social media platform within the next few months, according to one of his advisors.
128 164
32 days 26:14
What's Next for the Republican Party—Interview With Andrew Boucher | Crossroads
The United States has gone through major political shifts, and the cultures of both the Democrat Party and the Republican Party have changed drastically over the past several years.
37 543
33 days 1:04:37
Live Q&A: 21 States Sue Biden On Fed Overreach w/Oil Pipeline; Released Prisoners Get Voting Rights
A coalition of 21 states has filed a lawsuit against President Joe Biden, alleging that his decision to revoke a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline violated the constitution, since only Congress
95 425
34 days 29:23
How the Green New Deal is a Trojan Horse for Totalitarian Government—Interview With Hayden Ludwig
The US Congress is looking to pass a new infrastructure bill, which contains elements from the Green New Deal.
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