4 days 4:50
BREAKING: House Bill Would Expand SCOTUS to 13 Justices
House Democrats are working on a bill that would expand the Supreme Court by four seats to a total of thirteen 👨‍⚕️ Use code PAKMAN to get $15 off your first doctor's visit at
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4 days 6:20
43% of Republicans STILL Don't Want the Vaccine
A new Monmouth University poll finds that 43% of Republicans don't want a COVID vaccine, whereas only 5% of Democrats and 22% of independents will refuse the vaccine 🚿 Save 15% on Nebia products
38 355
4 days 19:35
It's Not Just Elites & Everybody Else (Catherine Liu Interview)
Catherine Liu, Professor at the University of California, Irvine and author of the book "Virtue Hoarders: The Case Against the Professional Managerial Class," joins David to discuss the managerial
7 988
4 days 6:43
0.000096% of Vaccinated People Died of Covid-19
A new report about COVID vaccination shows that just 0.000096% of vaccinated individuals died 👕 Get 15% off Teddy Stratford shirts by using code PAKMAN at
20 116
4 days 59:44
Jobless Claims Way Down While Vaccine Disinfo Still Spreads 4/15/21
New Show: 43% of Republicans don't want vaccine, Matt Gaetz will be kicked off committees if charged, creationism can be taught as science in Arkansas, and much more...
10 297
4 days 6:30
BREAKING: Jobless Claims AGAIN Hit Pandemic Low
New weekly jobless claims hit another pandemic low, with the stock market reaching record intra-day highs as retail sales dramatically increase ⌚ Use code PAKMAN for 15% off Vincero watches at
12 682
5 days 10:10
Tucker Carlson's Dumbest Guest Ever?
The pandemic's wrongest man, Alex Berenson, appears on Tucker Carlson's new program to tell lies about cannabis 💰 Get $5 just for signing up for FREE at privacy.com/pakman Support The
156 586
5 days 5:44
Matt Gaetz Will Be Kicked Off Committees If He Gets Charged
Republican Congressman Steve Scalise says that fellow Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz will be kicked off of his Congressional committees if he is charged with crimes 🗳️ Listen to Strategic
56 965
5 days 8:18
Fox News Debate EXPLODES, "You Son of a B!tc&!"
A Fox News debate during Sean Hannity's program between Geraldo Rivera and Dan Bongino explodes and is of no substantive value whatsoever 🩳 Use code PAKMAN to save 20% on Sheath underwear at
360 803
5 days 4:49
Trumpists ALSO Want Us to Forget About Trump
Trumpists want us to forget about Donald Trump too, and all of the horrible things that he did Support The David Pakman Show: -Become a Member: davidpakman.com/membership -Become a
79 702
5 days 6:37
Biden Stands Up to Putin in Phone Call Like Trump Never Did
Joe Biden stands up to Russian President Vladimir Putin during a recent phone call in a way that Donald Trump never did 👍 Use code PAKMAN to save 20% on Munk Pack keto snacks at
101 534
5 days 52:53
Biden Out of Afghanistan, Vaccine Conspiracies Grow 4/14/21
🚿 Save 15% on Nebia products by using code PAKMAN at nebia.com/pakman New Show: Biden to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, Costco stops selling MyPillow, Nikki Haley reverses on Trump
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5 days 7:28
BREAKING: Matt Gaetz' iPhone Has Been Seized by Federal Agents
⌚ Use code PAKMAN for 15% off Vincero watches at davidpakman.com/watch --It is revealed that the iPhone of Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz was seized by federal agents months ago, again
217 414
6 days 6:51
Mike Lindell TRIGGERED, Costco Stops Selling MyPillow
MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell is highly triggered by Costco making the business decision to stop selling his pillows ⚕️ Get affordable, remote primary care from SteadyMD at
410 729
6 days 7:44
BREAKING: Biden Withdrawing ALL US TROOPS from Afghanistan by 9/11/2021
Joe Biden will announce a full withdrawal of all American troops from Afghanistan to be completed no later than September 11, 2021 💰 Get $5 just for signing up for FREE at
33 883
6 days 14:42
Right Wingers Are Lying to You About Poverty (Mark Rank Interview)
Mark Rank, Professor of Social Welfare at Washington University in St Louis and author of "Poorly Understood: What America Gets Wrong About Poverty," joins David to discuss truths and falsehoods
30 781
6 days 4:40
UH-OH: Matt Gaetz Connected to FL Shill Candidate Scheme
Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz appears to be connected to a shill candidate named Jestine Iannotti, funded by possible illegal dark money in Florida ⌚ Use code PAKMAN for 15% off Vincero
306 178
6 days 56:43
J&J Vaccine Paused as Vaccinations Were Speeding Up 4/13/21
New Show: COVID vaccinations explode, Tucker Carlson talks "white replacement theory," Fauci explains pandemic different from baseball, and much more...
13 399
6 days 7:20
COVID Vaccination EXPLODES, Deaths Continue Down
COVID vaccination continues to dramatically accelerate as deaths continue down, but a real question remains about the spike in cases 💰 Get $5 just for signing up for FREE at
26 306
7 days 10:42
Police Chief Walks Out of Bizarre Press Conference About Shooting
Brookyn, Minnesota Police Chief Tim Gannon strangely walks out of a press conference about the recent shooting of Daunte Wright, and then returns, with no explanation 🔊 Want to read 5 books in one
322 605
7 days 8:43
Tucker Carlson Goes Full "White Replacement Theory" on Fox News
Fox News propagandist goes full "white replacement theory" during a recent segment 👕 Get 15% off Teddy Stratford shirts by using code PAKMAN at davidpakman.com/teddy Support The David
155 090
7 days 7:23
BREAKING: US STOPS Johnson & Johnson Vaccine Over Blood Clots
US regulators recommended a halt to COVID vaccinations using the Johnson and Johnson vaccine after 6 women experienced a blood clot disorder within two weeks of vaccination 👍 Use code PAKMAN to
50 984
7 days 6:21
Joe Manchin Bows Down to Violence & Hostage-Taking
Democratic Senator Joe Manchin bows down to the violence of the January 6 Trump riots and says that they pushed him to seek bipartisanship with those on the Trump side Support The David Pakman
26 178
7 days 5:55
UnFederalReserve: Your Middle-Market DeFi Solution
Learn more about UnFederalReserve at unfederalreserve.com Nothing in this video constitutes financial advice. All viewers should do their own due diligence.
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7 days 5:13
LOL: Trump Had to Be Talked Out of Defending Matt Gaetz
Donald Trump had to be talked out of defending Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz, currently being investigated for possible sex trafficking ⌚ Save up to 30% on all Vincero products at
94 154
7 days 58:48
Medical Trust Battle Being Lost as Disinformation Spreads 4/12/21
🚿 Save 15% on Nebia products by using code PAKMAN at nebia.com/pakman New Show: CNN interviews Trump supporters, Fox host calls out Texas governor, Trump had to be talked out of defending
13 051
7 days 8:55
Republicans Trust Trump's Medical Advice Over Fauci, Biden, & CDC
Republican voters trust Donald Trump's medical advice over that of Dr.
54 564
8 days 5:53
Matt Gaetz Martyrs Himself, Claims to Have Trump's Support
Embattled Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz attempts to make himself a martyr, claiming he is a canceled man, and apparently falsely claiming to have Donald Trump's support 🥄 Use code PAKMAN for
84 497
8 days 8:31
Trump EXPLODES at Republican Event...AGAINST Republicans!
Donald Trump is absolutely irate at a Republican donor event over the weekend, primarily against fellow Republicans, setting up a major showdown in 2022 and 2024 🛌 Get up to $200 off a Helix Sleep
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