2 days 0:41
DG Venus smartwatch- The most sophisticated timepiece with a feminine touch, style, and technology.
Pre-order (Doogeemall): doogeemall.com/products/dg-venus Facebook(English): facebook.com/Doogee Twitter: twitter.com/DOOGEE_official Tiktok
6 days 0:49
DOOGEE S35T- The Most Durable Entry-Level Rugged Smartphone On A Budget.
Welcome the DoogeeS35T rugged smartphone, an upgraded version of the entry-level DoogeeS35 rugged smartphone. Another addition to the Doogee family.
33 days 0:54
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63 days 0:44
DOOGEE X96 Unbox - Luxury at a Budget
On October 11th, 2021, AliExpress will begin taking preorders for the #DoogeeX96. Doogee is also holding a giveaway for 5 X96 smartphones and 5 CS1 smartwatches.
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65 days 0:44
DOOGEE X96 Smartphones Are Loaded, with Features and Capabilities that Make it More than a Phone
Not your regular budget smartphone but a gleaming design with excellent class and eloquent style. #DoogeeX96 The Sky Blue, Tropical Green, or the Midnight Black, The choice is entirely yours to make.
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75 days 2:12
Media Tek Offered Us a Special Present....
Subscribe and leave your email in the comment for your chance to win this present. This giveaway is open from now September 18, 2021, until September 22, 2021.
83 days 0:57
DOOGEE X93 Unboxing Video - Technology Connection For 2021
The #DoogeeX93 has got you covered. The installed MT6580 4X Cortex A7 1.3GHz processor delivers a smoothie-like experience.
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84 days 2:24
DG Ares Smartwatch Unboxing Video - Bold New Approach
FiiFi introduces More features about #DGARES. Comes in a 10.3 mm ultra-thin body and weighs only 47g (including the strap).
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85 days 0:35
DG Ares Smartwatch Looks Like Real Watch -300MAh last 15 days for normal usage plus 30 days standby
Pick #DGAres a fun new color in our huge selection of smartwatches. It’s time to step up your style with a smartwatch that looks great with every outfit.
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87 days 0:54
#DGAres smartwatch - your pick for the best budget smartwatch
Not your regular square or round smartwatch but a fusion of both to set trends. This out-of-the-ordinary retro-inspired dial design elevates the#DGAres smartwatch to new heights.
89 days 0:44
DOOGEE CS2 Smartwatch - Your wrist your world#DoogeeCS2
Smart up your wrist with the new #DoogeeCS2 smartwatch. Make your wrist your world.
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101 day 1:13:18
The Flagship DOOGEE V10 Giveaway Livestream
V10 World Premiere August 23rd Super Early Bird Price: $199.78(50 Pcs) Early Early Bird Price: $219.78 (50 Pcs) Early Bird Price: $239.78 (50 Pcs) Final Price: $255.78 (500 Pcs) Buy now:
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106 days 0:55
#DoogeeV10 Unboxing Video
The flagship #DoogeeFirst5G #DoogeeV10 Rugged Smartphone is here.
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108 days 1:01
Injection Moulding with Unique Finish Texture - flagship rugged smartphone#DoogeeDual5G #DoogeeV10
Get the #DoogeeDual5G #DoogeeV10 rugged smartphone for only $199.78, Add to cart now: bit.ly/3foQhks(Only available for the first 50 buyers). Global Sales 23rd - 27th Aug. 2021.
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112 days 0:49
90 Minutes Completed Large 8500mAh Battery Charging - check out #DoogeeV10 #DoogeeFirst5G
The #DoogeeV10 #DoogeeFirst5G, which is powered by a huge 8500mAh battery plus a 33W #fastcharger Don’t worry about YOUR SMARTPHONE IS DEAD!!!
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115 days 1:03
It’s the #DOOGEEV105G - The 5G All-round rugged smartphone of 2021#DOOGEEV10
Let’s see The#DoogeeV10 #DoogeeFirst5G An unprecedented experience-5G All-round Rugged smartphone 2021. Coming to AliExpress on the 23rd Aug 2021.
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118 days 0:44
DOOGEE Laser Measure Rugged Phone - the Doogee S97 Pro VS the Bosch GLM 40
#DoogeeS97Pro has launched as the first rugged smartphone to come with a professional rangefinder. Moreover, it is a laser range finder that can detect distances of up to 40 meters.
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118 days 0:23
Teaser video - DOOGEE V10 the flagship 5G rugged smartphone
The #DoogeeV10 #DoogeeFirst5G is powered by a powerful 5G-C Octa Core 2.2GHz 7nm processor. It pushes gameplay and performance to unimaginable limits.
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127 days 49:15
Giveaway for N40 Pro
Buy Doogee N40 Pro now at amazing price: bit.ly/3rpokxt Buy Doogee S35 right now: bit.ly/3ByKuCa Facebook(English): facebook.com/Doogee Twitter
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128 days 0:24
#DOOGEEN40Pro Four Beautiful Colors that Live your Life!
#DOOGEEN40Pro right now is on Debut sale, buy your favorite color at the best price: bit.ly/3rpokxt Learn more Doogee: doogee.cc Subscribe to our social media
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129 days 1:12
#DOOGEE S35 Entry-Level Rugged Phone Unboxing Video
#DOOGEES35 is on sale right now, buy at USD74.99 for the first 50 orders using a coupon valued at USD30.00: bit.ly/3ByKuCa Learn more Doogee: doogee.cc Subscribe to our social
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133 days 2:32
Check out the unboxing video for the super sleek #DoogeeN40Pro smartphone.
#DoogeeN40Pro will be on sale on 26 Jul at Aliexpress for $129.99, the first 50 orders you can use a Coupon valued $30.00 to buy at $99.99, add to cart now, and pay on 26 Jul 0:00 PST
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135 days 1:28
DOOGEE N40 PRO Battery Consumption Test
Check this video to see #DoogeeN40Pro the battery consumption performance!
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140 days 1:17
#DoogeeS97Pro rugged smartphone has got you covered️‍. Measure with ease, confidence, and style.
Welcome to subscribe us to win free Doogee Smartphone: Facebook(English): facebook.com/Doogee Twitter: twitter.com/DOOGEE_official VK: vk.com/doogee.official.page
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143 days 0:43
A classic and stunning look of the soon to be released #DOOGEE N40 PRO smartphone.
#DoogeeN40Pro# built with 6+128GB Huge storage, 4 beautiful colors, amazing big battery but light and thin body, let you free away from any power anxiety, " The ideal style" is coming to you on 26
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163 days 10:54
DOOGEE S97 Pro Unboxing
Facebook(English): facebook.com/Doogee Twitter: twitter.com/DOOGEE_official VK: vk.com/doogee.official.page Official forum: community.doogee.cc Instagram
11 614
164 days 36:30
DOOGEE S97pro Giveaway
Facebook(English): facebook.com/Doogee Twitter: twitter.com/DOOGEE_official VK: vk.com/doogee.official.page Official forum: community.doogee.cc
2 670
164 days 1:59
DOOGEE S97 PRO The world's first professional rugged phone with laser rangefinder.
🌐 YouTube live: youtu.be/SkzZJDkUJcI 🔗 Giveaway: bit.ly/3y9ByBw 👉Buy now: alii.pub/5tftnj Facebook(English): facebook.com/Doogee Twitter
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172 days 1:44
Doogee S86 Pro Unboxing Video
⭐ Global Premiere from 15th - 20th June 🔗 Join #Giveaway: bit.ly/3z0VreE 🌎 Know more: bit.ly/3umF8VY Facebook(English): facebook.com/Doogee Twitter
2 597
176 days 0:58
Introducing the new and improved DOOGEE S86 PRO with THERMOMETER built-in
Measuring #temperature will be easier than ever. With the #DOOGEE_S86PRO rugged phone, you will be able to do it on people and objects.
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