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17 Dec 2007
167 days 11:04
Kids and Parents React to Little Simz, Gladys Knight & PinkPantheress | Gap Years
In this episode of Gap Years, we have a culture clash of Skepta, Little Simz and PinkPantheress to Gladys Knight, Andrew Lloyd Webber and New Order.
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Sinead Harnett on Tour: Anxiety and Building Confidence | The Lead Up
In her first tour since the pandemic, Sinead Harnett takes her talent to Thekla, Bristol a unique location of a former cargo ship turned performance venue, where we get chance to talk to her before
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181 day 5:57
Masego Before a Sold-Out Tour: Dating, Fans & Performing Abroad | The Lead Up
TrapHouseJazz Artist Masego and his band are on a world tour, and we catch up with him hours before the last of his sold-out show in the UK at EartH Hackney and he shares with us what it's like for
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188 days 9:12
How Joni Mitchell Paved The Way For Music About Mental Health
Can you be happy and still make good art? We take a look at how Joni Mitchell paved the way for Music about Mental Health.
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190 days 0:53
Is this the Ultimate Sport Song?
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195 days 8:46
Brits and Americans React to Each Other's Music | Gap Years
In this episode of Gap Years, we asked British and American friends to swap the music that they grew up with.
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4 EPIC Rock Albums That Were Never Released
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202 days 9:35
4 EPIC Rock Albums That Were Never Released
Even some of the biggest rock stars of our generation couldn’t escape the dreaded shelved record.
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209 days 7:49
What Touring is Really Like: Self Esteem | The Lead Up
Self Esteem, aka Rebecca Lucy Taylor, has been gigging for over 10 years. Follow all the moments backstage leading up to the Yorkshire born artist’s sold-out Glasgow show on her new tour.
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211 days 0:33
"I try to control what I can, and change what I can" - Self Esteem being a woman in music | #Shorts
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223 days 9:15
The UK's Biggest Black Sabbath Fan
A lifelong devotee to music, Rob Horrocks shows us how the power of music brings his world to life.
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237 days 7:03
Story of the Lost Kanye and Drake Collab
Drake and Kanye West have often cited each other as both inspirations and motivations. So what happened when they tried to put out an album together?
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258 days 5:17
Who is Behind Lofi Girl?
The Lofi Girl livestream has captured the hearts of millions since its inception in 2017; but what makes it so compelling? We did a deep dive to find out: The Story Behind Lofi Girl.
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307 days 5:10
The Story of Prince’s Lost Album: Camille
Prince had a prolific output of work during his 39-album-spanning career. This is what we know about one album that didn’t make it to record stores - Camille.
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320 days 5:12
Digga D: Backstage before his First Ever Show | The Lead Up
We follow drill artist Digga D backstage at Forum Kentish Town in London before he performs his first-ever gig for a sold-out headline tour.
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329 days 11:15
Kids and Parents React to Each Other's Music | Gap Years
In this episode of Gap Years, we asked kids and their parents to swap the music that they grew up with.
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335 days 5:13
Why Britney Didn't Release this Album
Britney Spears has sold over 100 million records worldwide, and yet there could be an entire album of hits that next to nobody has heard.
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13.09.21 5:21
How Amy Winehouse Found Her Voice
Before Amy Winehouse would become an international success with the release Back to Black, she debuted with Frank.
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27.08.21 4:42
Norah Jones - Don't Know Why | Stages
Norah Jones delights her fans with an intimate show in the iconic surroundings of the famed London jazz club Ronnie Scott’s with drummer Brian Blade and bassist Christopher Thomas.
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20.08.21 6:05
How Toto Wrote an 80’s Smash Hit
We bless the rains down in Africa! In this episode of Great Songs Explained we take a look at why "Africa" a song by American rock band Toto is so catchy!
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05.08.21 4:43
Evanescence - My Immortal | Stages
Performing My Immortal, Evanescence held a concert tour called Synthesis Live, in support of their fourth studio album, Synthesis (2017). This was the first tour where the band included an orchestra.
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30.07.21 6:40
Why the Beach Boys' God Only Knows is Such A Powerful Song
What Makes the Beach Boys' God Only Knows a Powerful Song? From their 1966 album, Pet Sounds is a love song distinguished for its harmonic innovation and its subversion of typical pop music formula.
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22.07.21 3:41
Fall Out Boy - Sugar, We're Goin Down | Stages
What better place to film a show than in their hometown of Chicago!
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16.07.21 12:26
A Breakup Song Unlike Any Other
Morissette's hit 1995 song "You Oughta Know" signaled her departure from bubblegum pop to alternative rock, and features Dave Navarro and Flea of Red Hot Chili Peppers.
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24.06.21 16:00
A Look at the Evolution of INXS - From Original Sin to Suicide Blonde
In 1991, superstars INXS delivered the show of their lives at Wembley, with their career-defining gig captured titled Live Baby Live.
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04.06.21 7:30
Joni Mitchell performs a Homesick Song for California (Live at The Isle of Wight Festival) | Stages
In 1970 at the Isle of Wight Festival, @Joni Mitchell had to come on stage earlier than expected and tamed the ever-growing and disgruntled crowds labeled "The Beast" where she had a number of
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21.05.21 8:05
The Impact Marvin Gaye Had on Music...
How a heart-throb pop singer risked his career to speak out about real issues; and make what Rolling Stone Magazine called, the greatest album of all time.
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21.05.21 2:27
Welcome to Mercury Studios
Created from Eagle Rock, we tell the stories behind the artists and beyond the songs.
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15.03.21 5:18
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special (Live At Knebworth '76)
Order Live At Knebworth mercury-studios.lnk.to/LynyrdSkynyrdKnebworth On August 21, 1976, Lynyrd Skynyrd took the stage at Knebworth as part of a daylong festival which also included Todd
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23.10.20 3:29
John Lee Hooker - I'm In The Mood (Live At Montreux 1990)
Order your copy: EagleRock.lnk.to/JLHMontreux Listen here: EagleRock.lnk.to/JLHImIntheMood The legendary bluesman John Lee Hooker brought his boogie style blend of rhythm & blues
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