6 min 4:46
New data shows hijackings on the rise
New data published by Tracker shows that hijacking is on the rise and remains prevalent, even during COVID-19 lockdown. Tracker’s Executive of Operational Services Ron Knott-Craig discusses the data.
21 min 23:31
Devi | EP09 | On a mission to wipe out GBV AND the sensational Muses
Daughter of Mozambique’s first President, Samora Machel, and step-daughter of Nelson Mandela – Josina Machel is a high profile woman.
22 min 5:23
Eskom CEO hopes to accelerate process of splitting utility i
Eskom CEO André de Ruyter says he hopes to revise his initial timetable for the unbundling of Eskom and accelerate the process of splitting the company into three parts.
32 min 4:48
ALCOHOL BAN: Why European alcohol producers are angry
The body representing spirits producers in Europe is flagging South Africa's alcohol ban.
36 min 4:20
Cape Town restaurant continues fight against ban on alcohol
Restaurant owners in Cape Town continue with their fight to lift the ban on alcohol sales and are furious that the matter has been pushed back.
55 min 3:11
Mkhwebane alleges there's vendetta against her
Public Protector Busisiwe Mkhwebane says Parliament has been acting unfairly against her and its rules are unconstitutional. Lindsay Dentlinger has more on this story. Courtesy #DStv403
1 hour 5:06
Fifth body found in Mthwalume, KZN | Murder
Another body has been found in Mthwalume. That brings a total of five bodies found in the area. A farmer reported three bodies dumped on his property just a month ago.
1 hour 5:18
Marikana massacre |Musical
In the month of August, we celebrate women in South Africa. It's also a month when we reflect on the tragic incident of the Marikana mining massacre that took place in 2012 in the North West.
1 hour 5:49
Armed robbers target malls
Various malls have been targeted by armed robbers, in recent heists. Criminals see jewelry stores as an easy target.
1 hour 9:42
UIF appoints auditors to probe R18 billion payout | COVID-19
The Unemployment Insurance Fund is in the process of appointing auditors to probe how companies spent the R18-billion paid out. For more on this, #eNCA speaks to Teboho Maruping, UIF Commissioner.
2 hours 6:03
Woman's body found naked in KZN bush | Mthwalume
A woman's body was found naked in the bush in Mthwalume, KwaZulu-Natal. This after a farmer reported three bodies dumped on his property just a month ago.
2 hours 2:51
Women In Sport | Celebrating Joyce Kungwane
As part of celebrating women's month, we continue profiling females who play a major part in sport. This time we focus on Boxing and TLB Promotions director Joyce Kungwane.
2 hours 2:50
Regulations flouted in Limpopo shack project
In Limpopo, it appears regulations were flouted during the building of a multi-million rand shack development. The national Human Settlements Department says the province jumped the gun.
2 hours 8:29
COVID-19 | SA cements its position in race to find vaccine
South Africa is cementing it's position in the race to find an effective vaccine against Coronavirus.
3 hours 6:06
Rise in COVID-19 cases concerning | Denosa
The Democratic Nursing Organisation of South Africa in Kwazulu-Natal is concerned about rising COVID-19 cases in the province.
3 hours 9:14
Part 2 | Debate on alcohol sale ban
Lockdown level three came with the lifting of the ban on alcohol sales to the delight of consumers and business alike. However President Cyril Ramaphosa then re-instated the ban with immediate effect.
3 hours 9:47
Part 1| Debate on alcohol sale ban
Lockdown level three came with the lifting of the ban on alcohol sales to the delight of consumers and business alike. However President Cyril Ramaphosa then re-instated the ban with immediate effect.
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3 hours 4:17
Brave Matters | Frontliner | 10 August 2020
As one of South Africa’s leading specialists in the field of infectious diseases, Dr. Emille Reid is used to tending to patients beside hospital beds, not being in one himself.
4 hours 5:44
Women's Month | Stop violence against women | Film
Filmmaker Anant Singh has released a powerful short film this Women's month. The two-minute clip sends a strong message to all South Africans. Stop the violence against women in our country.
4 hours 5:05
Alcohol perpetuates violence against women| POWA
As we observe women's month we talk to People Opposing Women Abuse about the link between alcohol and gender-based violence. Is there a link between the two?
4 hours 23:35
Checkpoint | African Flavour Books shut down | 11 August 2020
Fortiscue and Nokuthula Helepi of African Flavour Books finally break their silence.
4 hours 8:25
DISCUSSION | What is menopause?
To discuss the medical aspect of menopause is Dr Sundeep Ruder, a clinical endocrinologist from Life Fourways Hospital. Courtesy #DStv403
5 hours 7:07
Menopause and the changes women face
Women will experience menopause when they pass a certain age. A lot could change during this period, such as your overall mood, sleep, and even weight gain.
5 hours 6:55
Batohi must face inquiry into her fitness to hold office |Law expert
Shamila Batohi must face an inquiry into her fitness to hold office. That’s the view of one constitutional law expert.
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6 hours 7:43
COVID-19 | Experts raise concerns over Russia vaccine
President Vladimir Putin claims the country has developed COVID-19 vaccine It has not yet completed its final trials.
6 hours 2:55
Weather forecast | 12 August 2020
You can now also get your latest weather updates for #SouthAfrica on the eNCA website
6 hours 8:35
COVID-19: KZN likely to become next epicentre
KwaZulu-Natal is likely to become the country’s next Covid- 19 epicentre. The province registered a consistent surge in new daily infections. Courtesy #DStv403
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7 hours 3:42
Five suspected hijackers killed in KZN
Five suspected hijackers have been killed in Mount Vernon in Durban. It's believed the gang were trying to outrun police, but their car turned into a dead end and crashed. Courtesy #DStv403
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7 hours 6:54
Cosatu: Lift alcohol ban with strict rules
Cosatu has joined calls to lift the ban on alcohol sales. The union federation however says it will only support this if strict regulations are implemented, to ensure responsible drinking.
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7 hours 6:18
Abex Pharmaceutica claims cold spray can deactivate COVID-19
ABEX Pharmaceutica says its oral spray is able to deactivate 98.3 percent of the coronavirus. #eNCA spoke to company Chair, John Hallam. Courtesy #DStv403
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