23 min 1:30
Xi calls for action to build community of life for man, nature
Chinese President Xi Jinping called on the international community to work together to foster a community of life for man and nature with "unprecedented ambition and action," while addressing the
26 min 20:11
Dazzing new models at Shanghai auto show eye greener future of driving
China is striving to achieve carbon neutrality by 2060. Find out how China's auto industry shifts towards a low-carbon future, at an auto show in Shanghai.
1 hour 1:25
GLOBALink | Tibet expands online library of rare ancient texts
China's Tibet has expanded its digital library of rare and ancient texts, making over 24,400 pages available to read and download online. #GLOBALink
1 hour 3:15
GLOBALink | World Book Day: Reading on an island of books
A public library in the center of Jiangxin Island, south China's Guangdong Province, provides bookworms a quiet haven in the hustle and bustle of the city center. #GLOBALink
1 hour 2:38
GLOBALink | Mid-air water pipes in central China's mountain village
Longchi, a village located in central China's Hubei Province, is tucked deep in karst mountains and was once badly short of water resources.
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1 hour 1:34
GLOBALink | Books light up visually impaired people's lives in NW China
Thanks to technological advancements, information accessibility allows the blind to use smartphones and computers freely.
1 hour 3:45
GLOBALink | Understanding Guizhou Vlog#3: In a red tourist village
How can a once poverty-stricken village become a popular tourist destination in China? The participants of #GYLD @YoungDialogue go to Huamao Village in Guizhou, SW China, to find the answer
2 hours 5:12
GLOBALink | Uygurs' Tears: A male embroiderer's new life
Kader Rehman is an inheritor and master of Hami Uygur embroidery and the only male embroiderer in Hami, NW China's Xinjiang.
3 hours 4:16
GLOBALink | Tibetan man aims to tell world stories to local children through his library
33-year-old Zhaci has established a children's library in China's Lhasa, hoping Tibetan children can learn about traditional culture and the world through books in Mandarin, Tibetan and English.
8 hours 1:05
A farewell to "Binda", a sniffer dog
A simple ritual, and a heartfelt tribute to a police sniffer dog.
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10 hours 2:31
GLOBALink | World Book Day: Sleep inside bookshelf
Imagine falling asleep with not one book - but 10,000. Try a bookstore hostel in downtown Guangzhou where traveling bookworms could have a wonderful place to stay #WorldBookDay #GLOBALink
18 hours 3:30
GLOBALink | UN chief calls on developed countries to contribute more to tackling climate change
UN chief Antonio Guterres called on developed countries to contribute more to defeating climate change during a U.S.-hosted virtual event. #GLOBALink
18 hours 3:07
GLOBALink | How can brick-and-mortar bookstores buck the trend and grow
A report from the book industry says that in 2020 more than 4,000 bookstores have sprung up in China, how can brick-and-mortar bookstores resist the trend and increase in the context of COVID-19 ?
19 hours 0:06
UN chief calls on developed countries to contribute more to tackling climate change
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on April 22, 2021 calls on developed countries to contribute more to defeating climate change during a U.S.-hosted virtual event.
19 hours 1:07
UN chief calls for commitment to restoring planet
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has called for commitment to restoring the planet and to making peace with nature, in his message to mark International Mother Earth Day on April 22, 2021.
20 hours 3:40
GLOBALink | Restore our earth before it's too late: Why & how?
There's no Planet B. Restore our earth before it's too late. Why is it urgent? What can we do? #GLOBALink #EarthDay
20 hours 0:52
Conservation efforts transform Hebei's coal mining area into urban oasis
Conservation efforts have transformed an old mining area into an oasis in Handan, north China's Hebei Province. #AmazingChina
21 hour 5:26
Chinese President Xi Jinping addresses climate summit via video link
Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a speech at the Leaders Summit on Climate via video link from Beijing, at the invitation of U.S. President Joe Biden.
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21 hour 1:00
Assad applies to run for Syrian presidential elections
Syrian President Bashar al-Assad on Wednesday applied to run for the Syrian presidential elections slated for May.
23 hours 3:22
GLOBALink | China's growing economy is very important for Hungary and the world, says official
China's growing economy is a very important element for Hungary and the world, Mihaly Patai, the deputy governor of the Hungarian central bank MNB told Xinhua in an exclusive interview. #GLOBALink
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23 hours 7:22
Xinhua Special: China solutions to global governance as Boao comes of age
#XiJinping told the #Boao Forum for Asia that we live in a period rife with challenges, but that it is also an age of hope. #XinhuaSpecial explores the solutions he proposed
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23 hours 2:10
GLOBALink | Japan's decision to discharge wastewater harmful for mankind: Korean professor
A Korean professor has condemned Japan's unilateral decision to discharge nuclear wastewater into the sea, saying the international community needs to jointly solve the problem. #GLOBALink
23 hours 1:04
Chinese scientists discover golden snub-nosed monkeys build up fat reserves to get through winter
Golden snub-nosed monkeys, the northernmost distributed leaf-eating primate, build up fat reserves to cope with cold temperatures and resource scarcity in winter, according to a recent study in China.
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23 hours 2:25
GLOBALink | China acts to tackle climate change, protect biodiversity
China has been taking solid steps to tackle climate change and protect biodiversity, two urgent agendas that call for global collaboration. #GLOBALink
1 day 6:23
Tales of Tibetans: Jingling fades away
For generations, Zhaxi's family led horse caravans along the ancient Tea Horse Road trade route.
1 day 2:25
GLOBALink | A special Ramadan in Xinjiang, NW China
How is #Ramadan observed in Xinjiang, home to the largest Muslim population in China? And has the COVID-19 pandemic affected the traditions, customs of this significant holy month?
1 day 36:54
Fishing ban on China's Chishui River helps defend biodiversity
A 10-year fishing ban on China's Chishui River has revitalized the local environment and biodiversity.
1 day 1:19
Cameras capture wild giant pandas in NW China's nature reserve
Rare footage of wild pandas and other animals has been captured in NW China's Baishuijiang Nature Reserve. #GLOBALink
1 day 26:33
A glimpse of future of driving at Auto Shanghai 2021
What vehicles will we drive in the future? Xinhua's Ding Ting travels to an auto show in Shanghai for a glimpse of the trendy cars of the future. #AutoShanghai
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1 day 1:50
GLOBALink | NE China former coal city boasts greenery thanks to ecological restoration
Northeast China's Hegang City was a coal city known for its dust and sewage. Now it has an urban green coverage rate of more than 40% thanks to restoration efforts. #GLOBALink
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