1 day 2:05
GLOBALink | Heartwarming rescue efforts in rainstorm-battered Henan
Central China's Henan Province was lashed by heavy rain that has killed at least 99 people. In the face of disaster, ordinary people stand out to help. Check out the heartwarming rescue efforts.
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1 day 3:50
GLOBALink | Foreigners in Jiangxi: Into the journey of ceramics
Meiqiu, an American pottery artist who has been living in China for more than a decade, is committed to bringing more foreign artists to China's porcelain capital Jingdezhen. #GLOBALink
1 day 3:25
GLOBALink | Is U.S. failing its fight against COVID-19?
A number of global experts have explained to Xinhua why they believe the U.S. is failing its fight against COVID-19.#GLOBALink
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1 day 0:59
GLOBALink | Foreign students learn history of Long March by visiting exhibition in NW China
Sixteen foreign students from 13 countries and regions, have visited northwest China's Tanchang County to learn about the history of the Long March, the most epic military maneuver in China's modern
1 day 24:24
Exploring cool tech used in 11-story apartment block built in 28 hours
Building an 11-story apartment block in just 28 hours? It's come true in China's Changsha.
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1 day 2:48
GLOBALink | Bloomberg's global anti-epidemic ranking fails to reflect reality: experts
In Bloomberg's latest global anti-epidemic ranking, the U.S. ranks "first in the world." Experts say the fact is that the U.S. remains the worst-hit country by the pandemic. #GLOBALink
1 day 0:58
GLOBALink | People in flood-hit Henan show gratitude toward visiting firefighters
Residents of China's flood-hit Henan Province have shown their gratitude to firefighters from Hunan Province, who offered assistance following recent flash floods. #GLOBALink
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1 day 3:01
GLOBALink | Tracing Siberian tigers in NE China
Sanchahe forest farm in northeast China's Heilongjiang Province is a conservation area for the Siberian tigers. Join a Xinhua correspondent to trace the footsteps of this highly endangered species.
1 day 3:03
GLOBALink | Exploring oasis on Tropic of Cancer, Dinghu Mountain in south China
As China's first nature reserve, Dinghu Mountain in China's Guangdong has attracted an endless stream of visitors and become a magnet for scientists worldwide. #GLOBALink
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1 day 1:06
GLOBALink | Foreign students learn experience of poverty alleviation in China's Gansu
A group of foreign students from north China's Tianjin Municipality has visited Tanchang County in northwest Gansu Province to explore the fruits of poverty alleviation campaign. #GLOBALink
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1 day 4:38
GLOBALink | Jambo Africa: South African girl pursues model dream in China
South African girl Faith has always dreamed to be a model. Now her dream has come true in south China's Guangdong.
1 day 2:16
GLOBALink | 5G offers business solutions, changes people's lives in China
5G technology is transforming how people live and work in China, but do you know how? Join us as we explore the 5G revolution! #GLOBALink
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1 day 4:26
Yang Yang@Tokyo Olympics: "Never give up" stories
#Olympic Games is about more than just winning medals.
1 day 6:56
China's new ambassador to U.S. assumes office
Qin Gang, the new Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to the U.S. has arrived to assume the office. Qin is the eleventh Chinese Ambassador to the U.S.
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1 day 2:09
Chile delivers the first 50 Chinese electric taxis that will circulate in the capital
The Chilean government delivered the first 50 electric taxis from the Chinese company BYD, which will circulate around the Metro region of its capital Santiago.
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1 day 0:25
Chinese ambassador Qin Gang arrives in U.S.
Qin Gang, the new Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the People's Republic of China to the United States of America, arrives in the United States on July 28, 2021 to assume office.
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2 days 2:58
Miranda's Vlog | How to "pull strings" at the Olympics
Miranda's Vlog | A world-class badminton stringer from China shows how to pull strings at the Tokyo Olympics.
2 days 2:24
GLOBALink | How do penguins spend the summer in Wuhan, China?
How do penguins spend the summer in one of China's hottest cities? An ocean park in Wuhan is geared up to keep them cool!
2 days 2:59
GLOBALink | U.S. Fort Detrick should be investigated for virus origin tracing, say experts
"If an investigation is to take place, it must start from the United States of America in the beginning." Experts have voiced opposition to politicizing COVID-19 origin tracing, saying that U.S.
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2 days 9:01
Xinhua Special: Exploring Quanzhou, China's newest World Heritage Site
Quanzhou, China, wins the much-coveted title of @UNESCO World Heritage Site. #XinhuaSpecial heads to the port city to find out what makes it unique.
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2 days 1:33
Miranda's Vlog | We all miss our mom's cooking!
Miranda's Vlog | Dual Olympic champion Yang Qian chats with her mom on the phone
2 days 3:25
GLOBALink | German Green party member refutes Western slander on China's Xinjiang
Allegations like "genocide" and "concentration camps" about China's Xinjiang are groundless, and are cooked up by Western politicians to "stop the rise of China," says a German Green party member
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2 days 2:54
GLOBALink | What're U.S.' intentions behind politicizing virus origin tracing?
Officials and experts from many countries have stood against the U.S.' politicization of the COVID-19 origin tracing and urged the country to invite World Health Organization (WHO) experts to
2 days 1:15
GLOBALink | Chinese brands win consumers' hearts after low-profile donations
Chinese brands are winning customers' hearts after they made low-profile donations to help with flood relief in Henan Province. #GLOBALink
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2 days 0:39
GLOBALink | World's highest sandcastle accomplished in Denmark
Meet the world's highest sandcastle in Denmark, which is 21.16 meters high. #GLOBALink
2 days 0:57
GLOBALink | Chinese researcher spends over 30 years compiling atlas of 8,000-meter peaks
A Chinese research fellow has spent over 30 years compiling an atlas of mountains with an altitude of over 8,000 meters high. #GLOBALink
2 days 3:00
Deer Show | How did I get the tube of "leaked virus"?
Q: How did I get the tube of "leaked virus"? A: From the experience of the Iraq war.
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2 days 1:13
GLOBALink | Sri Lanka receives largest COVID-19 vaccine donation from China
Sri Lanka received the largest COVID-19 vaccine donation from China. #GLOBALink
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2 days 2:15
GLOBALink | NE China ports bustling with China-Europe freight trains
China's land ports of Manzhouli and Suifenhe on the China-Russia border have seen over 2,200 China-Europe freight trains in the first half of this year, an increase of more than 40 percent
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2 days 2:19
GLOBALink | Middle Eastern participants from previous expos upbeat about 4th CIIE
As the 4th China International Import Expo #CIIE enters 100-day countdown, preparations for the expo are well underway.
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