1 hour 1:02
Multilateralism "not an option but a necessity": UNGA president
Volkan Bozkir, president of the 75th session of the United Nations General Assembly (UNGA), on Sept.
2 hours 2:17
UN chief urges efforts to work together to improve world governance
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres urges the international community to work together to improve world governance on Sept. 21, 2020.
3 hours 7:00
LIVE: Xi Jinping addresses high-level meeting to commemorate 75th anniversary of UN
LIVE: Chinese President Xi Jinping delivers a speech at a high-level meeting to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the United Nations via video link.
6 hours 1:26
European art exhibition returns to Cairo after months of suspension
A European art exhibition, featuring about 100 selected artworks from various museums, is currently held in Cario's Aisha Fahmy Palace.
7 hours 5:02
UN, a pioneering initiative never before undertaken | Stories shared by Xi Jinping
2020 marks the 75th anniversary of the founding of a 193-nation body, the United Nations (UN), which Chinese President Xi Jinping said has carried mankind's hope for a new future and was a
8 hours 0:38
Chinese wingsuit flyer lands precisely on aircraft carrier in Tianjin
A Chinese wingsuit flyer lands precisely on an aircraft carrier in Tianjin, after jumping off a helicopter 1,500 meters above the ground
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8 hours 2:34
With 500 days to go, Beijing 2022 vision is taking shape
China's preparations for 2022 Winter Olympic Games remain on track despite COVID-19 pandemic, which greatly impacted sports across world.
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10 hours 1:43
China's poverty alleviation -- a global contribution
China is on course to eradicate extreme poverty across the country by 2020, which will make the country the first in the world to end absolute poverty.
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"Taiwan Independence" impossible: Taiwan's New Party chairman
"Taiwan Independence" is impossible and only through peaceful reunification can compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait achieve a win-win situation and work toward national rejuvenation, said
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10 hours 4:07
Trending China: A Chinese MMA fighter
The Chinese Mixed Martial Arts fighter, Li Jingliang, shares his bittersweet behind achievements.
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11 hours 1:37
Taiwanese call for more cross-Strait exchanges, cooperation at Straits Forum
People across the Taiwan Strait should step up their exchanges and join hands in creating a brighter future, said some young Taiwanese attendees of the 12th Straits Forum.
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11 hours 2:24
Xinjiang, My home | Tiling expert Tursun Tohti
Xinjiang tiler Tursun Tohti is the main breadwinner in his family. Through his hands, he has improved his life and brought beauty to the houses of many. Here's his story. #XinjiangRediscovered
11 hours 2:22
Xinjiang, My home | Bag factory owner Abduwali
Abduwali owns a bag factory in Hotan Prefecture, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. His factory has created jobs for many and help them shake off poverty. #XinjiangRediscovered
11 hours 1:00
China's 1st domestic-support deepwater oilfield cluster starts production
China's largest offshore oil producer China National Offshore Oil Corp has announced that its Liuhua 16-2 oilfield cluster started production in the South China Sea ahead of schedule.
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11 hours 2:24
Xinjiang, My home | Washing machine repairman Abdureyim's happy life
Knowledge and skills could change one's life! For Abdureyim, a washing machine repairman in Xinjiang, those words can't be more true. Click for his story. #XinjiangRediscovered
11 hours 2:22
Xinjiang, My home | Car decoration shop owner Ablikim
As living standards in NW China's Xinjiang are improving, people increasingly rely on vehicles. It brings higher income and better life to Ablikim, a car decoration shop owner. #XinjiangRediscovered
11 hours 1:02
UK university charters plane to fly Chinese students directly to campus
A dedicated direct flight taking hundreds of students from China landed in Northern Ireland's Belfast Saturday, allowing them to arrive ahead of the start of the academic year amid travel disruption
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15 hours 0:47
A dangerous chemical explosion drill
What is it like to be in the thick of an industrial disaster? What tools and support are needed to respond to dangerous incidents?
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1 day 1:20
Large hydropower station opens sluice gates to battle floods in Guizhou, China
A large hydropower station in Guizhou, China opens sluice gates to battle rain-triggered floods.
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1 day 2:23
Xinjiang, My home | Food company accountant Gulanbar
Rapid economic development has brought about better living conditions for residents in Kashgar in China's Xinjiang.
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1 day 2:54
Attendees of Straits Youth Forum call for closer cross-Strait cooperation
"The solidarity across the country that eventually got people through the epidemic made me have a deeper understanding of the mainland." Attendees of the Straits Youth Forum in Fujian, China call
1 day 0:39
China-Europe cargo train arrives in Budapest amid pandemic
A China-Europe freight train has arrived in Budapest, carrying anti-epidemic supplies, clothes, digital products and machinery accessories.
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1 day 0:30
China's homemade Airbus A320 NEO full-motion flight simulator
Pilot training made easy: Check out an Airbus A320 NEO full-motion flight simulator developed by a company in Tianjin.
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1 day 0:30
Aerial view of Chinese-invested Croatian wind farm project
A Chinese-invested wind farm project is under construction near Croatia's coastal city of Senj. Upon completion, it's expected to be one of the largest wind farms in Croatia.
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1 day 2:22
Xinjiang, My home | Call center clerk Guljannat
The communication condition in China's Xinjiang has continuously been improving. Guljannat, a call center clerk, acts as a bridge to ensure smooth communication among people. #XinjiangRediscovered
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1 day 0:52
Turkey's total confirmed COVID-19 cases exceeds 300,000
Turkey confirmed 1,538 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, raising the total diagnosed patients to 301,348 since the first case was reported on March 11.
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1 day 23:05
Mountain bike race across Yellow River kicks off as epidemic wanes
A mountain bike race along the ancient Silk Road kicks off in Gansu, China as the epidemic wanes. Join us as we follow the competitors through mountains and across the Yellow River! (recorded)
1 day 1:21
Yak cheese helps Tibetan locals shake off poverty
Yak cheese is one of Tibetans' favorite snacks and has helped lift local villagers out of poverty. Click to see how people make this unique cheese with Tibetan flavour. #YakVideo
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1 day 1:57
China's catering industry achieves restorative growth with new trends
China's catering industry had been hit hard by COVID-19 before the pandemic gradually subsided in recent month. However, signs of recovery are emerging with new trends. Let's find out.
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