8 hours 2:00
Palestinians light up Christmas tree in Ramallah
Thousands of Palestinians have lit up a giant Christmas tree in Ramallah city in the West Bank, marking the start of this year's Christmas celebrations.
8 hours 1:34
Israeli PM hosts trilateral meeting with Greek, Cypriot leaders
Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has hosted Cypriot President Nicos Anastasiades and Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis for a trilateral meeting in Jerusalem.
8 hours 1:14
Israel announces completion of high-tech barrier around Gaza
Israel has announced the completion of a high-tech underground wall around the Gaza Strip aimed at preventing militants from entering the country.
8 hours 0:45
Israeli missiles hit main seaport in Syria
Israeli missiles struck the seaport of Latakia city in northwestern Syria, setting fire to a number of trade containers, state news agency SANA has reported.
12 hours 3:08
GLOBALink | Afghan children fall victim to export of U.S. democracy
Afghan children have become victims of the export of U.S. democracy.
12 hours 0:25
38 inmates die in prison fire in central Burundi
At least 38 inmates died in a fire that razed the central prison of Gitega in central Burundi early on Tuesday.
13 hours 1:01
GLOBALink | Mongolia confident China will host Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics at highest level
Mongolia is confident that China will host the upcoming Beijing 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games at the highest level, a Mongolian official told Xinhua on Wednesday in an interview.
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13 hours 4:07
GLOBALink | America's "democracy" for export
The United States has long been priding itself as a "city upon a hill," and has been touting its own "democracy" and values in many parts of the world. However, what are the legacies left by America?
14 hours 2:35
GLOBALink | What's behind America's lust for wars?
Since its declaration of independence over 240 years ago, there have only been less 20 years in which America was NOT at war.
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14 hours 5:01
GLOBALink | Some American wars fought "simply for profit," sanctions destructive
Some of the wars America fought were "simply for profit" and the sanctions it has imposed have been as destructive as wars, says U.S.
14 hours 0:47
GLOBALink | Helicopter carrying India's chief of defense staff crashes in Tamil Nadu
13 people were reportedly killed after a helicopter with India's chief of defense staff on board crashed in the southern state of Tamil Nadu. #GLOBALink (Courtesy: UNI)
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15 hours 2:01
Inside China: A Discovery Tour | Trailer
What do the Chinese people have to say about #humanrights, #freedom and #democracy in their country?
16 hours 1:36
GLOBALink | Putin, Biden discuss Ukraine, bilateral ties, Iran during online talk
U.S. President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin Tuesday held a video call on a range of bilateral issues as well as the Ukrainian crisis and the Iran nuclear deal #GLOBALink
17 hours 1:48
GLOBALink | Chinese version of democracy focuses on equality: Ethiopian analyst
The Chinese version of democracy "is a very crucial understanding for other Africans and developing countries," said Ethiopian political analyst Henok Tilahun. #GLOBALink
17 hours 1:21
GLOBALink | Xinjiang, My home: Breeding livestock brings better-off life
A couple in Bayingolin Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture in Xinjiang, China has been engaged in livestock farming for four years. Find out what their life is like. #GLOBALink
17 hours 1:03
GLOBALink | Mainland, Taiwan entrepreneurs hold annual summit
More than 500 business people from across the Taiwan Strait on Tuesday attended the 2021 Zijinshan Summit for entrepreneurs, which was held in Nanjing and Taipei simultaneously via video link.
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17 hours 3:10
Deer Show | A summit for democracy or a party for supremacy?
“Princess America” throws a haughty party, and labels it a #SummitforDemocracy ...
17 hours 1:33
What if I come across a wild panda?| Pandaful Q&A
Is there a high probability of seeing giant pandas in the wild? What should I do if I come across them? Find out the answer in this episode of Pandaful Q&A. #Pandaful
17 hours 1:37
GLOBALink | WHO calls for immediate action to halt spread of COVID-19 in Europe
Hans Kluge, a senior official of the World Health Organization (WHO), on Tuesday urged governments and citizens in Europe to take immediate action to halt the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.
17 hours 31:14
A glimpse of China's National Alpine Ski Center in Beijing
900-meter drop! What's it like to slide down China's highest-level alpine skiing track?
18 hours 1:56
GLOBALink | U.S. slogans of democracy, human rights proved to be shallow: Pakistani expert
A Pakistani expert explains why the U.S. slogans of democracy and human rights are just shallow slogans. Click for more. #GLOBALink
18 hours 0:38
GLOBALink | Main structure of Asia's 1st 300-meter deepwater jacket completes closure
The main structure of Asia's first 300-meter deepwater jacket completed closure in south China's Zhuhai on Tuesday. #GLOBALink
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18 hours 5:00
Seasons of China 2 | Yunnan: Earth's nurture
Click to unveil the mystery of hornet's venom and have close contact with elephants along with British presenter Dominic Johnson-Hill as part of his in-depth tour in Yunnan Province. #SeasonsOfChina
18 hours 1:43
GLOBALink | U.S. military robs Afghan children of fathers, future
Many Afghan children have been robbed of fathers and future during the war and following Washington's freezing of over 9 billion U.S. dollars of Afghanistan's assets. #GLOBALink
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19 hours 6:06
GLOBALink | U.S. fails to draw lesson from wars, Princeton scholar says
The U.S. has not learned proper lesson from its failed wars, says Richard Falk, emeritus professor of int'l law at Princeton University.
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19 hours 2:37
GLOBALink | CEPI CEO praises China's efforts in COVID-19 vaccines development
"China has already made tremendous contributions to the global effort through the rapid development of a number of vaccines, and through sharing those vaccines globally," says the CEO of the CEPI, a
20 hours 1:13
GLOBALink | Soundly operating China-Laos Railway top on agenda: Chinese ambassador
After the China-Laos Railway was opened to traffic, a sound operation and maintenance is now top on the agenda, Chinese Ambassador to Laos Jiang Zaidong said Monday. #GLOBALink
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21 hour 6:17
Xinjiang Speaks: At 100, her life is a bouquet of happiness
"My life is as good as beautiful flowers." A 100-year-old Uygur woman denounces the so-called "genocide" with her own floral family life story in this episode of #XinjiangSpeaks
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1 day 1:53
GLOBALink | Zimbabwean student dreams big after four-year study in China
Having been studying in China for four years, Davis Munashe from Zimbabwe says the experience makes him "dream big." #GLOBALink
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1 day 42:41
Pursuing Common Values of Humanity: Chinese Stories on Democracy, Freedom and Human Rights
They are probably the most ordinary Chinese people, who are going about their lives just like you and me, but who, with hopes and dreams, are trying to make a difference.
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