14 min 2:57
A tour to South Africa's largest wind power farm
Ever since its operation, South Africa's largest wind power farm has been providing clean energy for as many as 300,000 families.
1 hour 4:42
Top legislature's decision on HKSAR LegCo gains broad support
The decision by China's top legislature to approve the extension of operation of the 6th HKSAR LegCo gains broad support in the Hong Kong society
2 hours 2:11
Top legislature's decision allows Hong Kong to focus on fighting COVID-19: Leung Chun-ying
The decision of China's top legislature on the vacancy of the HKSAR Legislative Council (LegCo) will allow Hong Kong to focus on the anti-epidemic fight, says Leung Chun-ying. #HongKong
2 hours 0:47
Turkey seeks detention of 40 soldiers over failed coup
Turkish prosecutors on Tuesday issued detention warrants for at least 40 soldiers over their alleged links to a network believed to be behind 2016 coup attempt.
2 hours 1:00
Chinese villagers send food, gifts to thank soldiers for flood relief operations
Local people in east China's Anhui and Jiangxi provinces express their gratitude to the soldiers who have helped them combat floods by sending them homemade food and other gifts
2 hours 1:25
Illegal mining dodges supervision, threatens ecological environment in NW China
Years of illegal mining in NW China's Qinghai has taken a toll on plateau grassland and wetland, posing a threat to a key water conservation area.
2 hours 0:41
Key components for China's first deepwater self-operated gas field ready for shipment in Tianjin
A total of 105 key components for China's first deepwater self-operated gas field, the Lingshui 17-2 gas field in the South China Sea, have been loaded on board in north China's Tianjin recently
3 hours 2:21
Chinese peacekeepers donate medical materials to Lebanon's Marjeyoun town
The medical unit of Chinese peacekeeping forces, working with the United Nations Interim Forces in Lebanon, on Monday donated medical equipment and medicines to Marjeyoun town in southern Lebanon
3 hours 0:51
Bird lover invites silver pheasants to "breakfast"
"It's time for breakfast!" Watch how an elderly bird lover feeds wild silver pheasants every morning in Fujian, China
3 hours 0:58
China responsible, effective in handling COVID-19: British virologist
British virologist Ian Jones speaks highly of China's handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, saying that China has responded quickly to the disease and has effectively kept it under control
3 hours 0:37
Section of Yinchuan-Xi'an high-speed railway starts debugging
A section of the Yinchuan-Xi'an high-speed railway in northwest China starts debugging. The railway to be open by the end of this year will improve China's intercity transport network. #HighSpeedRail
6 hours 1:53
Mike Pompeo's dirty "clean network"
A "clean network"? Or an excuse to bash China? @SecPompeo #WorstSecretaryofStateEver
7 hours 6:57
Volunteer life of African brothers in China
As COVID-19 broke out in China, many of Africans living in Guangzhou have participated in the prevention and control of the epidemic.
10 hours 1:10
Havana back under lockdown as COVID 19 cases spike
The Cuban capital of Havana returned to strict confinement measures this week after a new outbreak of COVID-19 that has triggered a new wave of infections.
11 hours 0:38
Cute plateau pika spotted in Tibet
Have you ever heard of the plateau pika?
11 hours 0:31
Poverty alleviation spices up life in NW China
Spicing things up in Gansu Province! Sichuan Peppers have been cultivated in Longnan City, NW China, for around 1,000 years. Now, the industry is helping to root out poverty.
21 hour 3:29
China's top legislature adopts decision for 6th HKSAR LegCo to continue performing duties
Chinese lawmakers voted to adopt a decision for the 6th HKSAR LegCo to continue performing duties. Legal professionals in Hong Kong have expressed their support for the decision
22 hours 6:04
Anti-epidemic story of Rachel, a student from Ghana
Rachel is an international student from Ghana. When the situation in China was grim, she chose to stay in Nanjing to fight the COVID-19 epidemic.
23 hours 1:14
Russian tourists arrive in Turkey's Antalya after months of COVID-19 suspension
Russian tourists returned to Turkey's Mediterranean province of Antalya on Monday after 4-month break due to COVID-19 pandemic.
1 day 8:28
Vlog: Green lifestyle in China's Huangshan City in the eyes of an American
American entrepreneur Scot Woolley has been living in east China Huangshan City for nearly seven years.
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1 day 1:16
Medics, local volunteers aid virus fight in Xinjiang, China
Supporting medics and local volunteers are helping fight a resurgence in #COVID19 cases in Xinjiang, China. #coronavirus
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1 day 1:06
Clay sculptures reproduce scene of exams in ancient China
Ancient China's examination system lasted over 1,300 years until a century ago. How did students take exams, and how did they celebrate if they passed these critical tests?
1 day 3:46
Mozambican student in China shares anti-COVID-19 experiences
Wearing a mask, maintaining a distance... A Mozambican student studying in China's Taiyuan shares her experience of warding off #COVID19
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1 day 7:11
Trending China: Discovering the true beauty in life
Huang Haiqin, a young floral designer, with her beloved golden retriever, has been on a journey paved with flowers to discover the true beauty in life.
1 day 1:12
Stronger coordination needed as COVID-19 pandemic tops 20 million cases
Global solidarity is needed to combat the common enemy of humankind as #COVID19 cases top 20 million with more than 730,000 deaths worldwide. #coronavirus
1 day 1:05
Typhoon Mekkhala makes landfall in China's Fujian
Typhoon #Mekkhala has made landfall in China's Fujian, bringing gales and heavy rains. #typhoon
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1 day 55:09
LIVE: Intangible cultural heritages help residents rise above poverty in Guizhou, China
LIVE: Ancient paper-making, wax-resist dyeing... Follow us for a tour in Danzhai County in Guizhou, China, where intangible cultural heritages have helped residents rise above poverty.
1 day 1:19
Lebanon's information, environment ministers resign following Beirut's blasts
Lebanon's Information Minister Manal Abdel Samad resigned on Sunday following the huge explosions that rocked Lebanese capital Beirut on Tuesday, killing at least 158 people and injuring 6,000
1 day 1:32
UN chief calls for support for Lebanon in aftermath of blast
UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Aug. 10, 2020 calls for international support for Lebanon after last week's horrific explosion that destroyed the port of Beirut and part of the capital city.
1 day 0:44
33 injured after tornado hits China's Inner Mongolia
Tornado hits Inner Mongolia, China, injuring 33 people and flattening over 100 yurts
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