4 days 24:59
How To Repair Structural Rust Damage
Every situation is unique when it comes to rust and structural repairs like this. Consider this video a basic guide to structural body repairs, and nothing more.
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11 days 15:08
Honda Element Power Window Diagnosis and Repair
The passenger window on my daughters Honda Element stopped working one morning. In this video I show you how I diagnosed and repaired this problem.
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25 days 30:46
DIY Clear Coat Repair
My 2005 Honda Element had some clear coat issues and some small rust spots on the tailgate. In this video I show how I repaired these with tools most DIYers have.
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27 days 7:49
The 42” GEARWRENCH Workstation is a World of Possibilities
**Sponsored Video with useful information** I’ll be honest, I didn’t think much of the 42” 11 drawer work station that GEARWRENCH sent me when I first got it.
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32 days 21:44
2003 Honda Pilot Inspection This Thing Needs Help
I ended up purchasing this 2003 Honda Pilot. I knew it needed a transmission, but it appears to need more than that.
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39 days 11:58
How To Properly Install LED Taillight Bulbs
If you want to avoid ‘hyper flashing’ when installing LED tail light bulbs, this video will show you how. Parts and materials are also linked in the description.
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46 days 40:17
My Grandson Takes Apart His First Engine
I had the pleasure of having my grandson in the shop so I decided to show him how to tear down an engine.
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53 days 47:04
The Fixing it Forward Odyssey Blew Up! (Episode 8)
On the same day Jennifer picked up her new Odyssey, the engine seized up on the highway. This is my worst nightmare. After all that work and effort, the exact thing I didn’t want to happen, happened.
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55 days 3:36
Breathe Easy with FRAM TrueAir™
*Sponsored Video with great information* Replacing your vehicles cabin air filter yourself can save you a lot of money, and as you’ll see in this video, it’s often easy to do.
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60 days 48:08
Honda Element Fixes and Upgrades
My 2005 Honda Element gets a lot of repairs and upgrades in this video.
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67 days 15:28
2005 Honda Odyssey Give Away (Episode 7) Fixing it Forward
Your donations and my hard work, all pay off in this episode. Yes, it’s time to give away the 2005 Honda Odyssey to a deserving family! In this episode, I do exactly that.
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74 days 46:55
2005 Honda Odyssey (Episode 6) The VCM Episode Fixing it Forward
In this episode of Fixing it Forward I fight with a pesky check engine light that just won’t go away.
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81 day 28:35
Honda Element Suspension Rebuild (Part 2)
Link to (Part 1): youtu.be/DiLBoUzOLFs This is part 2 of the Honda Element/CRV suspension rebuild.
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88 days 35:40
Honda Element Suspension Rebuild (Part 1)
After putting a new engine in my 2005 Honda Element, it was time to turn my attention to the suspension.
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95 days 23:52
Honda Element Clutch Diagnosis and Replacement
My brothers 2005 Honda Element was having a strange issue with the clutch. Even with the pedal depressed, it seemed like the clutch was still engaged making it difficult to shift gears.
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102 days 25:53
How To Fix a Dead Clutch Pedal
My brother brought me his 2005 Honda Element. He said he had difficulty shifting it into gear. When I inspected it, I found the clutch pedal was on the floor, so he had no clutch at all.
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109 days 23:34
How To Re-Key or Repair a Lock (Honda High Security)
If you have a key that won’t turn in a lock, or you have to carry 2 keys because one of your locks was replaced in the past, this video can help you solve those issues.
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116 days 33:51
2005 Honda Odyssey (Episode 5) Interior and Body Fixing it Forward
In this episode of Fixing it Forward I work mostly on the interior and body of the 2005 Honda Odyssey. If you remember from previous episodes, it needed a fair amount of work.
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123 days 27:55
How to Diagnose and Fix a P1457 Code
The P1457 code indicates a small leak in the evaporative emissions system of your vehicle. In this video I explain how the system works, how to diagnose the problem, and also how to fix it.
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130 days 22:53
Finding and Fixing Broken Engine Mounts
**Sponsored Video** With great information. In this video I show you how to diagnose and replace broken engine mounts in your vehicle.
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132 days 2:54
Bolt Biter™ Sockets from GEARWRENCH
**Sponsored Video**with great information. Have you ever had to deal with a fastener that was so rusted or damaged you couldn’t get a socket to fit onto it for removal?
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137 days 19:33
Honda K Series Fail, What Went Wrong?
Not long ago I posted a short series of videos replacing the 2.4L K series engine in my, new to me, 2005 Honda Element. Many of you asked about what went wrong with the engine.
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144 days 33:41
Monster Transmission Failure?
While driving my 1990 C1500 with a 4L60E built by Monster Transmission, I lost 3rd and 4th gear. I was able to get the truck back to the shop in 2nd gear fortunately.
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151 day 39:14
Honda Element Engine Replacement and Restoration (Part 2)
This is (Part 2) a Honda Element engine replacement and restoration. This video is the conclusion of this series. Please watch (Part 1) first.
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158 days 39:34
Honda Element Engine Replacement and Restoration (Part 1)
This is (Part 1) a Honda Element engine replacement and restoration. To say this video is packed with information would be an understatement.
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172 days 27:50
2005 Honda Odyssey (Episode 4) Fixing it Forward
In this episode of Fixing it Forward I wrap up the majority of the mechanical work on the 2005 Honda Odyssey.
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179 days 35:08
Fixing Up My Brothers Rusty Element
I recently purchased 2 Honda Elements. One of those Elements is going to my brother. I wanted to fix it up before I gave it to him and in this video I cover that work.
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186 days 36:10
2005 Honda Odyssey Engine Work (Episode 3) Fixing it Forward
In this episode of Fixing it Forward I work on the engine in the 2005 Honda Odyssey.
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193 days 29:16
I Just Bought 2 Honda Elements
Yes, you read that correctly. I just purchased 2 2005 Honda Elements with manual transmissions no less. In my experience it’s not easy to find Elements with manual transmissions.
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200 days 26:36
2004 Mustang Cobra Gets a Magnaflow Exhaust
In this video I install a complete Magnaflow exhaust on a 2004 Mustang Cobra with a supercharged Terminator engine. In my view, this is a winning combination.
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