13 days 10:12
10 MCU Characters Who Will Never Die
10 Immortal MCU Characters Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Credit: Denis Zhbankov for the thumbmnail art!
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23 days 6:25
Avatar: The Next Avatar Is Revealed
Avatar: Identity Of The Next Avatar Revealed Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR The Avatar Cycle, the unending cycle where a master of all four elements is chosen to be the bridge between
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15 days 11:07
Avatar: Where Zuko Got His Dragon Druk In The Legend of Korra
Avatar: Druk's Origin Story Explained Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR If one thing never gets out of style, its dragons.
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18 days 16:55
Power Rangers: The Best Zords Ranked
Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR The Power Rangers franchise sure has a whole lot of Rangers.
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26 days 10:36
MCU Sidekicks Stronger Than Their Mentors
MCU Heroes Who Mentored Stronger Students Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR I think Disney may have actually broken the internet the other day with all of their announcements.
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14 days 10:20
MCU's Three Thor's Of Love And Thunder
MCU's Love And Thunder Will Have Three Thors Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Thor has been through a lot in his time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
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16 days 6:05
Spider-Man Will Mentor Ironheart in the MCU
Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Spider-Man has had an interesting journey throughout the MCU.
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10 days 6:16
The Mandalorian Will End Bo Katan
Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Artwork by: SPDRMNKYXXIII How great was The Mandalorian season two? That’s a rhetorical question because we all know IT WAS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER.
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18 days 10:55
Avatar: The Forbidden Airbending Technique That Stops Firebenders
Avatar: Airbenders Have The Most Powerful Technique Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR The fate of Monk Gyatso is still shrouded in some mystery.
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16 days 15:16
Worst Decisions In Dragon Ball History
Dragon Ball: Decisions That Have Made Us Cringe Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR The Dragon Ball franchise is one of the most beloved anime series out there.
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Avatar: 5 Powers That Were Underrated
Avatar: 5 Powers That Should Have Been Nerfed Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra are mostly celebrated for the amazing bending techniques
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12 days 5:58
Spider-Man: Flash Thompson Will Become Agent Venom
Spider-Man: Flash Thompson Will Join The MCU As Agent Venom Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Flash Thompson is a big bully.
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26 days 5:25
Thor Love & Thunder: Jane Foster Will Become A Herald Of Galactus
How Jane Foster Will Replace Silver Surfer Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Artwork by: @jackson_caspersz While Iron Man and Captain America are done in the MCU, thankfully the Thor
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Who Has the Most Powerful Weapon In The MCU
The Strongest Weapons In The MCU Ranked Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR The MCU is FINALLY back up and running now that WandaVision has premiered.
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MCU's Vibranium Is Powered by an Infinity Stone
Why Is Vibranium So Powerful Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Since Wakanda and Black Panther have been introduced to the MCU one thing has been made clear.
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24 days 10:53
Every Hero Thanos Can Beat Without The Infinity Stones
Who Can Thanos Beat Without Any Infinity Stones Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Anytime the heroes of the MCU have faced down Thanos in the past, he’s usually had at least one stone
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9 days 10:20
Avatar: Hidden Bending Skills Revealed
Avatar: Bending Skills No One Noticed Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Lion turtles have made very brief appearances throughout the Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra, but
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4 days 10:10
Captain America's New Timeline Explained
MCU: What Captain America's New Timeline Looks Like Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Artwork by: Bosslogic One of the biggest questions to come out of Avengers: Endgame was Captain
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21 day 4:30
BTS: Cast Roundtable on the Series Theme | Your Honor | SHOWTIME
Go behind the scenes with the cast of "Your Honor" as they discuss the theme of the series. Starring Bryan Cranston. Watch new episodes on Sundays at 10/9c on SHOWTIME.
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13 days 11:06
Every Set Of Dragon Balls Explained
Every Set Of Dragon Balls Power & Abilities Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Credit: Cowcat44 for the thumbnail art!
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20 days 6:23
Rocket Racoon's Tragic Origins Revealed
Rocket Racoon Has MCU's Most Tragic Origin Story Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Rocket Raccoon has been through so much during his time in the MCU.
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21 day 18:00
Deadpool Will Unite MCU's Avengers And The X-Men
Deadpool Will Unite The Avengers and The X-Men Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR The biggest question regarding the Fox and Disney merger hasn’t been anything X-Men or Fantastic Four
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28 days 20:57
Thor Love & Thunder Will Introduce Knull And The Symbiotes
Knull Will Bring The Symbiotes To Asgard Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Thor Love and Thunder will introduce the Symbiotes and their god creator - Knull into the MCU!
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11 days 6:00
Attack On Titan: Everything That Happened Between Seasons 3 & 4
Attack On Titan: Everything That Happened Off-Screen Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR The third season of Attack on Titan left us full of hope for a brighter future.
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15 days 5:16
Star Wars: The Fate Of Baby Yoda
Star Wars: Baby Yoda's Grim Future Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR The Mandalorian featured one of the biggest breakout stars of the new Star Wars stories.
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20 days 12:01
Avatar: Combustion Benders Are Reincarnated
Avatar: Combustion Bending Origins Revealed Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR The mysterious combustionbenders have appeared twice so far in the whole Avatar franchise.
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12 days 10:02
Marvel's Ancient Time Travelling Avengers
The Avengers Weren't The First MCU Time Travellers Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Well it’s FINALLY time for the MCU to come back!
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14 days 21:52
MCU: Secret Invasion Will Change Everything
MCU: Secret Invasion Will Be The Rise Of A New Skrull Empire Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR Out of all the upcoming MCU shows that are coming to Disney+, the most exciting one has to be
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5 days 12:01
Dragon Ball: What's Goku's IQ?
Dragon Ball: Is Goku Smart?
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MCU: Doctor Strange Will Have To Kill Scarlet Witch
Subscribe: bit.ly/Subscribe-to-CBR WandaVision has officially dropped and fans CANNOT stop talking about it. That’s not just because it’s the first Marvel project since 2019 either.
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