Wanda Will Be the Villain in Doctor Strange 2

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Published on 27 Oct 2020, 13:45
How Dr. Strange Will FIX the Multiverse That Scarlet Witch BROKE

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Artwork by @wmaximoff13

Phase IV of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is finally taking shape and while the first releases haven’t come out, casting and trailers have set all of our imaginations going wild. The focus of much of that speculation has centered around one of the first things we knew about Phase IV, and that’s Doctor Strange and the mystery role that Wanda Maximoff has in it. Fueling that mystery is the Disney+ show that was set to precede the second Doctor Strange movie where Wanda tries to rekindle her romance with the super android Vision after the minor inconvenience of him being killed by Thanos. Wanda’s powers haven’t really been defined in the MCU except as ‘weird’ and ‘moves things with her mind.’ But fans of the comics know that the Scarlet Witch’s power is much more than that. She wields Chaos Magic and a whole lot of it. Unlike Doctor Strange who studied to gain his power, Scarlet Witch was born with hers. Fans of the comics will also know that Scarlet Witch isn’t always on the good guy’s side, she can become a bit of a villain. In fact, fans are counting on her turn in the MCU to resemble another big event from the comics, the House of M, as a way to bring mutants into the MCU fold. Let’s look at how Doctor Strange might try and fix the multiverse and how that will lead to Scarlet Witch breaking it again.

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Written by: Ryan Carbrey
Narrated by: Michael Neeb
Edited by: Chris Chan Roberson

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