Captain America Alternate Timeline: Capcicle Was Never Thawed

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Published on 16 Oct 2020, 16:45
What If Captain America Was Never Found in the Ice?


Since its inception we’ve known the original Avengers to be made up of Iron Man, Black Widow, Hawkeye, Hulk, Thor, and lead by America’s Hero Captain America. Fighting battle after battle, this team has always found a way to get the job done defeating villains like Loki, Ultron, and finally the Mad Titan himself Thanos!

But what if Cap was never found in the ice? What would change? Would the Avengers survive the Battle of New York? Could they stop Ultron from trying to destroy the Earth? Would they be able to defeat Thanos? Would they even make it that far? Captain America, although never declared as such, was always the true leader of the team. With his calm demeanor and his ability to make tough decisions in the heat of battle, he’s the one you turn to when things turn south. So without Cap, who steps up and leads the team? Who puts an end to all the infighting like we witnessed in 2012’s The Avengers? Could this team of varying personalities survive? Even if they were able to it wouldn’t be for long.

I think without Captain America, their fight in New York would be their first time working together as a team and their last. I’m not saying they would lose, but there is a threat right under their nose much greater than Thanos that only Cap was able to sniff out and put a stop to. Without him, the team, future members, and allies will be wiped out. Hail Hydra.

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Written by: Yasin Muhammad
Narrated by: Michael Neeb
Edited by: Rei Leka

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