15 Stunt Doubles Who Are Better Than The Actual Actor

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Published on 12 Nov 2019, 18:15
The People Behind the Superhero Stunts
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Superheroing requires a few elements. You need a good pose. You need to master the dramatic entrance and the dreaded superhero landing. But most importantly you need to jump from one building to the next, smashing through the window and then punching and kicking everyone in that room before kicking down a door and starting all over again. For that last part, you might want to call in a professional stunt performer. These body doubles do the heavy lifting for our stars making Captain America the elevator clearing fighter we know, taking the big falls for Drax the Destroyer, and Black Widow so spry. From Thor to Doctor Strange, every superhero actor needs a superhero stunt person to take the big shots. It’s not just the Marvel Cinematic Universe that has heroes filling in for actors playing heroes. The DC Extended Universe has its own stunt teams for icons like Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman extending to before the DCEU and the Dark Knight Trilogy. Whoever it is, from movies to Netflix series like Jessica Jones or shows in the Arrowverse like Supergirl have stunt stand ins ready to take over for their star superheroes whenever necessary. Whether it’s stunts involving cars or Batpod motorcycles or if it’s just fighting, jumping or kicking, the unknown stunt performers really make the movies as spectacular as we expect them to be. Let’s take a look at some of the stunt doubles who are better at superheroing than the actors they replace.


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