Avatar: Woodbending Is The Next Sub-Element Form

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Published on 23 Dec 2020, 14:45
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The more time passes, the more theories about Avatar: The Last Airbenderand The Legend of Korra seems to pop-up. With the recent revelation that glassbending is possible in F.C. Yee’s novel The Shadow of Kyoshi, which tells the tale of Kyoshi, everything we dreamed of now seems possible.

Is there other types of bending out there, and more importantly is there more pure elemental bending that have not yet been revealed? Because of the The Foggy Swamp tribes, and Korra's ability to bend vines, theories about woodbending started to show up through the internet. Is woodbending possible? I think so, yes. But the question is who can woodbend? Waterbenders have been shown as very versatile benders when it comes to finding water. As the evil bloodbenders Hama attests, plantbending is possible through the bending of water inside these plants. She also briefly showed how she was able to retrieve water from trees during her Full Moon fight against Katara who saw a threat in her. Another theory would be that earthbenders could woodbend, but that seems quite unlikely since there is no earth in trees.

In this video, I will explore the possible world of woodbenders, explain their fighting techniques, and how they can create weapons and shields through woodbending. I imagine woodbenders as a whole group of people, with their very own culture. Then, I will move to the origins of woodbending and how, just like metalbending, its inspiration in the show can be found in the Chinese philosophy of Wuxing, also known as Five Elementsor Five Movements, which includes earth, fire, water, wood, and metal. The video will end with a discussion on woodbending skills while being in the Avatar State.

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0:00 Intro
0:38 Earthbenders and Waterbenders as possible Woodbenders
3:31 Woodbending Techniques and Weapons
5:54 Woodbending Origins and Wuxing
8:00 Woodbending in the Avatar State

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Written by: AGV
Narrated by: Treebeard. I speak for the treeeeeeeesssss!
Edited by: MA

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