Star Wars: What If Luke Turned To The Dark Side And Became A Sith Lord

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Published on 2 Jan 2021, 17:45
What If Luke Turned To The Dark Side?


The history of Star Wars is very clear. A young boy by the name of Luke Skywalker journeyed from being a moisture farmer on the sandy planet of Tatooine, to one of the Greatest Jedi who ever lived. It was Luke who defeated the Empire and Emperor Palpatine, saved Anakin Skywalker from his path as Darth Vader, and helped usher in the New Republic. For years, peace would come to the galaxy and Luke would add to his growing legend until his demise in The Last Jedi. This is what we all know but what if this story went in a different direction?

Back in Return of the Jedi, Luke was presented with the choice to join the Dark Side. All he had to do is strike his father down and Anakin’s destiny would have been made his own. So, what if he did? What if Luke joined the dark side of the force in Episode Six? Based on the comic series, “Dark Empire”, this would mean the galaxy would be in a bunch of trouble. In this comic series, once learning Palpatine was alive, Luke joined the Dark Side because he was made to believe that the only way to defeat the dark side was from within.

So, in today’s CBR video we are going to answer the question by bringing this comic series to life in our own alternative timeline adaptation. After watching be sure to like this video, ring the notification bell, and subscribe! Thanks for watching!

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00:35 How Luke Turns to the Dark Side
03:45 The Galaxies New Threat
06:54 The Loss of a Hero

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Written by: Yasin Muhammad
Narrated by: Michael Neeb
Edited by: Travis G

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