Doctor Who And The Laws Of Time Travel Explained

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Published on 4 Jan 2021, 17:45
How Time Travel Works in Doctor Who


Doctor Who is coming back for a New Year’s special! What better time could there be to go through the history of the series and deconstruct some of its greatest features? So what subject would be the best for this moment in time? The physics of the Sonic Screwdriver? How the Doctor has perfectly styled hair after every regeneration? Whatever the timeless child was? With Tenet out for DVD and digital download right now, it’s probably the perfect time to look into time travel rules that are somewhat contradictory.

What we do know about time travel can ultimately be summed up in two points. 1. There are very strict rules on time travel in Doctor Who that CANNOT be broken without supreme consequences to all of existence. 2. These rules get broken literally all the time, often with no consequences whatsoever.

Doctor Who spends a lot of time establishing something called “fixed points”. These are apparently the load bearing walls of existence upon which all of reality is dependent. The breaking of these fixed points often produces natural disasters, monsters or the collapse of all reality. Of course, the Doctor just as easily plays fast and loose with the timeline, changing whatever they want just for funsies.

The Doctor also frequently breaks Time Lord law by interacting with past Doctors, something that should create a whole mess of paradoxes. Somehow it doesn’t.

We will deconstruct all of this as we figure out just how time travel works in Doctor Who!

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