Power Rangers: The Best Zords Ranked

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Published on 5 Jan 2021, 14:45
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The Power Rangers franchise sure has a whole lot of Rangers. From dino-themed Rangers, to ninjas, to samurai, time-travelers, and pirates, the sky's the limit. As you know, with each Ranger comes a Zord (or more and more nowadays), and what a variety there is. Some are cars, some are dinosaurs, they have giant felines, helicopters, trains, sharks, and even a pyramid. With the franchise being well and alive since the early 1990s, they have gathered quite a collection of Zords, and what are the Power Rangers without their Zords? To answer the question, they’d probably end up squished under one of those giant villain's foot.

Ranking that amount of Zords is not an easy task so there are various criteria that were used to create this list. Sometimes it was how powerful they are, sometimes it was how amazing they look, at times a little nostalgia, and others the sheer awesomeness of their attacks, or even how unique and weird they were. In sum, this list is not unchangeable, and serves to open a discussion on these Zords. I want to hear from you, I want to know which ones you agree with, which ones you don’t, which Zord you think should have made the cut, and why.

After watching the video leave your own Best Zord Top 5 in the comments below, but before doing so press play, ‘cause it's morphin time!

00:00 Intro
00:49 Kodiak Zord
01:47 Super Mega Skyship
02:40 Blue Shark Wildzord
03:28 Bat Animal Spirit
04:08 Pyramidas
05:16 Zeo Zord III
06:18 Wolf Galactazord
07:18 Tyrannozord
08:10 Pterodactyl Firebird Thunderzord
08:58 Sabretooth Tiger Dinozord
09:59 Dimetrozord
11:07 Quantasaurus Rex
12:10 Samurai Star Chopper
13:30 Dragonzord
14:48 White Tigerzord

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Written by: AGV
Narrated by: Joseph Delaney
Edited by: *Umair Ghaffar*

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