Attack On Titan: Everything That Happened Between Seasons 3 & 4

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Published on 12 Jan 2021, 15:00
Attack On Titan: Everything That Happened Off-Screen


The third season of Attack on Titan left us full of hope for a brighter future. Our gang finally got to enjoy the beach and the see. Well everyone but Eren who didn’t waste a moment talking about ending people for freedom. They discovered the truth about the outside world in Eren’s childhood’s home basement, put Historia on the throne, and gained a lot of power in the process.

However the fourth and final season gave us a huge time-skip as it starts four years later and brings us right into enemy territory: Marley. There we meet again with Reiner and Zeke, and discover their world as Eldians living outside of Paradis. Typical of Attack on Titan, the anime likes to withhold information, while giving some clues about what actually happened during those four lost years?

Today’s video will be split into two sections. In the first I will go over what lead the Mid-Eastern Allied Forces to get into conflict with Marley four years ago. In the second part of the video I will explore the many things that happened during those four years with Eren and friends in Paradis.

If you are worried about possible manga spoilers, don’t worry, they come later in the video and I do give a fair warning just before going into it, so you will have time to stop it, and watch the rest when the anime will have caught up with those unrevealed elements in the show.

Now, get your vertical maneuvering gear ready, and press play!

0:00 Intro
0:48 What happened in Marley
4:05 What happened in Paradis

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