Attack On Titan: The War Hammer Titan Explained

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Published on 16 Jan 2021, 17:45
Attack On Titan: The Final Titan Revealed


The fourth and final season of the popular anime series Attack on Titan is now about one third through its season’s 16 episodes. The show finally gave us a glimpse at the extraordinary powers yielded by the mysterious War Hammer Titan. But behind the titanic monster, lies a rich family history which explains why it wasn’t featured before in previous seasons of the show.

While we have briefly met few of the Tybur family members, the series puts Willy Tybur, the head of the family, to the front. Having all the spotlight and having extensive knowledge about Titan history, Willy was the perfect contender for holding the power of the War Hammer Titan. But did the manga author Hajime Isayama mislead us into another one of those plot twists? It is, I believe, highly possible.

In this video, I will first discuss Willy Tybur and his family heritage, before turning my focus on the War Hammer Titan and all the abilities it possesses. While the first part of the video is pretty spoiler free, the second might spoil some of the fun if you haven’t watched episode 6 yet or haven’t read the manga. You have been warned my friends.

Now, put your best anime t-shirt on, and let’s discover the exciting world of nobility in Attack on Titan.

0:00 Intro
00:42 The Tybur Family
03:12 The War Hammer Titan

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