Star Wars: Other Jedi That Could Have Taken Baby Yoda

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Published on 6 Feb 2021, 14:45
Star Wars: Other Jedi That Could Have Trained Baby Yoda


Season 02 of “The Mandalorian”, on Disney+, is arguably some of the best Star Wars content fans have gotten in recent years. But, just like any pop culture mega hitter, it was met with some criticism. Mainly the fact that Luke Skywalker, being the great choice that he is, pigeon holed the series into the same crutch Star Wars has been leaning on for the past 40 years: The Skywalkers. We’re not saying that Luke Skywalker is a bad choice of Jedi to come to the rescue, but we are saying that the Skywalker legend, and characters, has spanned multiple decades and 9 movies. At what point does (or should) Disney stop juicing the Skywalker’s and begin focusing on other characters in the Star Wars universe.

The fact is, Star Wars is so much more than just the movies. There is a rich catalogue and history of Canon, and non canon, characters that could have been far better suited for this epic season finale. While some choices may have not been as obviously noticeable as seeing a young Mark Hammill, there are a few Jedi who would have made more sense to come and take Baby Yoda (Grogu) away.

As fans of the movies, books, comics and video games Darren and his co-hosts Curtis & Josh break down their top 5 choices of Jedi they would liked to have seen come for Grogu.

The Galaxy is a large place and we’d like to see it expand past the stories of one specific family.


0:00 Is Luke the Best Trainer for Baby Yoda?
3:17 Mara Jade
7:35 Ahsoka Tano
9:17 Rogue Jedi
11:38 Jacen Syndulla and Ezra Bridger
15:59 Cal Kestis and Honorable Mentions

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Written by: Darren Worts
Narrated by: Darren Worts, Curtis Nash & Josh Gruber
Edited by: Matthew Weinstein

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