Avatar: The Forbidden Earthbending Technique Explained

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Published on 6 Feb 2021, 17:45
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While the world of Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korrahas fun ways to use elemental bending (e.g. air scooter), it also features some quite frightening bending abilities. The waterbender Hama introduced Katara to what would become an outlawed practice throughout the world: bloodbending. While she did her best to make it illegal, we have seen an evolved version of the art in the first season of The Legend of Korra, with Amon, who could take away bending through bloodbending.

Another horrifying practice has been seen through the newly awoken airbender Zaheer. Unlike Air Nomads who preach non-violence, Zaheer, the third season’s main antagonist and anarchists the Red Lotus, spread chaos wherever they went. His most notable airbending discovery besides flight, was the ability to take someone’s air from their lungs. This is how he tried to destroy the Earth Kingdom’s monarchy when he attacked the queen.

While bloodbending, and Zaheer’s use of airbending are terrifying arts, there is one forbidden earthbending technique that is even more frightening: bonebending. The secret art has been kept buried way before Aang’s time, but might have been used under noses all along. In today’s video I will discuss the tragic origins of bonebending, how the Earth Kingdom kept it a secret, the possibilities of the technique, and how Toph Beifong has been using it since she left the Metalbending Police Force to roam the world.

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0:45 The Origins of Bonebending
2:58 Bonebending Abilities
4:37 Toph Beifong, Bonebender

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