Avatar: Amon Was Actually A Hero

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Published on 7 Feb 2021, 17:45
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When it comes to the league of villainy that scours across all fandom, one villain comes to mind who reigns supreme over the others. The leader of the anti-bender revolutionary group known as the Equaliists, Amon. Born under the name Noatok, Amon was cold, calculated, and driven to rid the world of benders to bring in an age of equality. Unfortunately, his actions were deemed extreme by the United Republic Council and he became Avatar Korra’s number one target.
On the surface, I think we can all agree Amon was a bit of a radical. However, was there anything he said that wasn’t the truth? From the days of the one hundred year war, bending has always been the core of all issues and has perpetrated the inequality and injustice many non-benders face in the modern avatar era. Also, compared to other villains, Amon’s actions were less evil and more hovered on the border of vigilantism. So the question we have to ask is Amon actually the hero in this story? In today’s CBR video we’re going to answer just that but looking at ten specific moments from the Legend of Korra. These moments will range from specific things he did to exploring Amon’s ideology.

After this video is over we want to hear from you! Do you think Amon is actually a hero or was he a villain who got what he deserved? Let us know what you think down below! Aslo. please leave a like, subscribe and thanks for watching!

0:00 Intro
0:39 Amon’s Purpose
1:55 Prejudice Against Non-Benders
2:58 A Call for Equality
3:44 A Sense of Justice
4:38 A Regard for Life
5:37 Amon’s Backstory
6:40 Sparing a Monster
7:32 Unification of Republic City
8:25 A Brotherly Reunion
9:17 The End of Amon

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Written by: Yasin Muhammad
Narrated by: Justin Freitas @JustinFreitasVO
Edited by: MA

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