Attack On Titan: The Incredible Evolution of Eren Jaeger

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Published on 8 Feb 2021, 17:45
Attack On Titan: The History And Evolution of Eren Jaeger


Eren Jaeger has surely surprised us when he finally showed up in Attack on Titan’s final season. The longhaired, unshaven, calm character is a long cry from the angry teenage boy we came to know. Something in Eren has broken, and let me tell you this is only the beginning. As we have seen in his attack on Liberio, Eren now navigates a moral grey area, a dark one at that. Believed to be a typical shonen hero at first, the Survey Corps soldier turned out to be more complex than anyone anticipated.

Throughout Attack on Titan’s nine arcs, Eren has evolved from a tiny brat, to a less tiny brat, and into an antihero strategist who doesn’t care about the bodies piling up in Liberio, as long as they are not from his own circle. He also gained much more control over his Attack Titan form, as he can just pop out of it, and create a new one on the spot a few times, as we have seen during his fight with the War Hammer Titan, and then a half-baked version of the Armored Titan. But what led to this impressive evolution?

In today’s video I will go over Eren’s life, and discuss moments that made him what he is today. This is the incredible evolution of Eren Yeager.

0:00 Intro
0:41 The Fall of Shiganshina
2:33 The 104thTrianing Corps
4:34 The Battle of Trost District
6:24 The Female Titan
8:32 Clash of the Titans
10:30 The Uprising
12:01 Return to Shiganshina
14:07 Marley and the War of Paradis

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