WandaVision: Wanda's Powers Explained

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Every MCU Unscripted Moment
Published on 9 Feb 2021, 14:45
MCU: The Powers Of Scarlet Witch Explained

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Art by: Valentin Romero
WandaVision, a happy little sitcom where nothing ever went wrong. Right? Well, as we’ve seen through the lens of Darcy Lewis, Jimmy Woo, and Monica Rambeau; not everything is as it seems. Currently the finger of blame is pointed straight at Wanda, but what was it that she could do again? Might be a good time to check in with our sources and see just what the Scarlet Witch is capable of and what she could learn to do. We’ve seen a medley of powers from our lovely Miss Maximoff. But looking back to her comic counterpart, we can see a couple things missing or restructured to fit the onscreen universe a little better. These sources are our best bet for tracking what Wanda’s powers could have become now and where they may be going in the future. And the evidence is not looking great in her defence. Seems like everything going on in Westview is fully within her capabilities. Not looking great on her for now. But as the series goes on we can hope for more answers. Please give me more answers. Marvel, Disney, don’t leave us hanging here.
Anyway. All pleading aside. Best we can do for now is speculate! So join us on a little tour de force through what the comics and films have shown us so far and let's piece together everything that Wanda can do!

00:00 Intro
00:39 Wanda’s Onscreen Arsenal
02:34 The Scalet Witch, Magic not Mutant
04:49 The Red Witch of Westview

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Written by: Lucien Lum
Narrated by: Michael N.
Edited by: Travis G

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