Attack On Titan: How Eren Will Use The Founding Titan

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Published on 14 Feb 2021, 14:45
Attack On Titan: Why Eren Needs Zeke To Use The Founding Titan


Something wicked this way comes. By the looks of it, Eren Yeager is about to set the world on fire. With his unusual cool, and his weird reaction to Sasha’s death in the final season “Assassin’s Bullet,” the guy is on the verge of a total mental breakdown. Has Eren embraced the dark side once and for all? If so, can Mikasa and Armin bring him back and stop the upcoming carnage?

Eren has used the Founding Titan’s powers so far twice in the anime, and each time he did, he didn’t really mean to. With the help of the Survey Corps, and most importantly Hange Zoë, he tried to channel this power within himself, but failed at it every single time. The first time this happened, he unconsciously used the power to control titans when the Smiling Titan came back. The second time he learned more about his father’s past as he got struck by a sudden flashback when he kissed Queen Historia’s hand. Eren activates the Founding Titan’s powers each time he gets into physical contact with someone from the royal family, and this is exactly how Zeke will come in handy the next few episodes that are left.

In today’s Attack on Titan video I will discuss the Founding Titan that sleeps within Eren. First, I’ll talk about its origins, why Eren needs Zeke to activate it, and finally, what is his endgame. Now get ready for The Rumbling.

0:00 Intro
0:38 Zeke’s Betrayal
2:14 Moments When Eren Activated the Founding Titan
4:31 Eren’s Endgame

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