10 MCU Heroes Who Will Die In Phase 4

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Published on 14 Feb 2021, 17:45
10 Characters Who Will Die In Marvel's Phase 4

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Art by: spdrmnkyxxii
One of the biggest problems the MCU had in its early run of movies is that death never seemed permanent. Every time a character would either die or be assumed dead, they always found a way to come back! Coulson, Nick Fury, Loki and now even Quicksilver all met Death but then bounced back! Of course, things are changing now. We’re entering a new age! One where the roster of heroes is so stacked that we can afford to lose a few of the mainstays in order to make room for some of the newbies! That’s why today we’ve compiled a list of every hero most likely to bite the dust in Phase 4 of the MCU!

With the complicated and tricky nature of the Sony-verse, will the MCU make it easier on the two companies and boldly kill off Spider-Man? Perhaps making way for Miles Morales? Thor has had a good run so far in the MCU, but with a new Mighty Thor on her way, does Thor have a place in the MCU’s future? Nick Fury seems to be a master at faking his death, but will Phase 4 see him finally meet his maker as he battles a Secret Invasion? So many options!

So check out today’s video all about MCU Characters who will Die in Phase 4. Once you’re done, be sure to hit that like and subscribe button for more awesome MCU content like this on CBR! And I heard a rumor that if you comment on this video, you just might save your favorite MCU character’s life! I mean, why risk it right? Better do it! Ok, let’s get started right now!

00:00 Intro
00:40 Spider-Man
02:01 Bucky
03:08 Hawkeye
04:22 Drax
05:39 Nick Fury
06:24 Thor
07:21 The Hulk
08:09 Red Guardian
09:04 Hank Pym
09:48 Vision

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