Marvel: Wanda's Kids Are Still Alive In The MCU

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Published on 6 Mar 2021, 22:00

Are the kids alright? While WandaVision’s heartbreaking finale showed Westview and Vision disappear as the hex closed on them, we didn’t actually see what happened to Tommy and Billy. Everything seemed wrapped up when it came to Wanda’s children, until the last few seconds of the post-ending credit. A floating Scarlet Witch was going through the pages of the Darkhold, as the voices of both boys cried for help. What was she actually doing with the Book of the Damned and where are the kids?

While WandaVision’s finale episode closed the Westview chapter, things are far from over. The show gave Wanda an occasion to mourn her loss, but also to find the source of her true power: the Scarlet Witch. She finally was able to say goodbye to Vision (although another Vision flies around somewhere on Earth), but the loss of her two children seemed to have affected her beyond repair. Looking from them through the multiverse will surely have terrible repercussions that Dr. Strange will have to deal with in the upcoming film Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Since we heard the boy’s voices before Wanda did some kind of spell which turned my TV screen a vibrant red before the rest of the credits rolled, it means that both boys are alive, while probably not well. Rumours about the arrival of Mephisto have continuously popped all over the internet throughout the series’ broadcast, and according to the comics, he might just be the one holding on to those two.

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