Marvel Theory: White Vision Will Go To Wakanda

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Published on 7 Mar 2021, 14:40

WandaVision just wrapped everything up in WestView in its thrilling and tragic final episode. Agatha Harkness was defeated, Director Hayward was sent to prison and we FINALLY found out who Ralph was. Most importantly, Wanda let go of both Vision and her children by destroying the Hex that was keeping hundreds of people hostage in her fantasy world. The episode did a great job concluding the first Disney+ Marvel series but it did leave one thread hanging that has fans curious. What are they going to do with the new Vision?

Vision 2.0, dubbed White Vision by the internet, was inspired by the West Coast Avengers comic run. In that comic, Vision had also been destroyed. He was also brought back in a shiny new body with little in common with his former self. Without the emotions of the other Vision, this Vision has to contend with a serious existential question, is he the same Vision?

The MCU’s new Vision looks to be going through the same existential journey. That leaves the question: Where will he go? The obvious place for all heroes in need of emotional help is none other than Wakanda. Not only that but it is the same location he was twice destroyed in and super genius Shuri has already worked on his Synthezoid brain. If anyone understands what’s going on with him, it’s her. What else could be lurking beneath Vision’s Vibranium skull? Is there a hidden threat that sounds an awful lot like James Spader?

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Written by: Jordan Phillips
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Edited by: Travis G.

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