The Falcon And The Winter Soldier Links Phase 4 Mutants

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Published on 20 Mar 2021, 16:45

WandaVision’s Quicksilver, or should I say Ralph Bohner, might have been a red herring but he was also part of a careful masterplan to slowly introduce the X-Men in the MCU. So it’s not surprising that TheFalcon and the Winter Soldier would continue to tease us with some X-Men specific stuff, while not quite giving us exactly what we want. The first episode of the new Disney+ series introduced a particular part of the world, which in the comics acted as a home to young, time-displaced mutants.

According to the information gathered in today’s video, it seems that everyone has their sight on the sunny island of Madripoor. The island nation, which was created by Marvel, has been visited by mutants in the likes of Magneto, Rogue, Psylocke, Jubilee, Domino, and many others. But one of his most frequent visitors is none other than the clawed X-Men Wolverine. Since Producer Kevin Feige has teased the arrival of a yet unknown place, and the upcoming Disney+ series Hawkeyeis based on a comic book which features Madripoor, everything seems to point to that one single location. The island could finally be the place where the mutants join the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

In today’s MCU video, I’ll discuss the island of Madripoor, Magneto's X-Mansion located in the island’s Hightown, and the possible X-Men who might just be making their way into the MCU, introducing a whole lot of new heroes and villains.


00:00 Intro
00:46 After the Blip
02:19 The Island of Madripoor and the X-mansion
04:00 X-Men and Hawkeye Under the Sun

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