20 Iconic Marvel Moments In Phase 1

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Published on 24 Mar 2021, 16:45
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As Wandavision has come to a close I bet you're like me and are craving more MCU content. So, why not journey back to where it all began, Phase One of the MCU? I know I know, you’ve probably have watched the entire infinity saga at least ten times or more by now and want new content. However, there are so many moments you’ve probably forgotten about that will remind you why you fell in love with the Marvel Cinematic Universe in the first place. For example, remember the time Tony first said “I am Iron Man”? It’s such an iconic moment that broke the barriers of what is a superhero film! Or, what about Black Widow’s boss debut in Iron Man Two? Oh! We can’t fail to mention Steve Rogers transformation into Captain America. There are so many iconic moments like this just from Phase One that have been overshadowed since we have films like Avengers Endgame and the new Disney + series to talk about. However, that’s what CBR is here for!

In today’s video we are going to give you twenty of the most iconic moments from Phase One of the MCU! Hopefully, after watching this video we will inspire you to go have a little rewatch session until Falcon and the Winter Soldier comes out or whatever MCU show is up next depending on when you watch this video. Please let us know any moments we may have missed, leave a like, subscribe and thanks so much for watching!

00:00 Intro
00:43 The Battle of New York
01:36 I am Iron Man
02:25 Steve Rogers Transformation
03:14 Mark One Iron Man Suit
04:01 Thor vs SHIELD
04:47 The Battle of the Big Three
05:32 Black Widow’s Debut
06:20 Cap vs HYDRA
07:06 Iron Man’s True Debut
07:48 Puny God
08:29 Thor’s Redemption
09:11 Captain America’s Sacrifice
09:53 Iron Man Test Flight
10:37 Chitauri Wormhole
11:22 Hulk vs Abomination
12:09 Iron Man and War Machine Team Up
12:49 Hulk vs Thor
13:31 Another!
14:10 Hulk vs The Military
14:53 Agent Coulsen’s Sacrifice

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Written by: Yasin Muhammad
Narrated by: Michael Neeb
Edited by: Jerome G.

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