US Agent Will Lead West Coast Avengers

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Published on 24 Apr 2021, 16:45

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, uh, I mean Captain America and the Winter Soldier, (is that what we call this now?) ended with all of our characters set up for big things in the future. Sam’s now the new Captain America with an awesome costume upgrade, Bucky made amends, Sharon Carter’s officially turned evil after the obvious foreshadowing of her being the Power Broker turned out to be correct, but the most surprising ending had to be with John Walker. The former Captain America actually seemed to get a little bit of redemption and is now officially US Agent. Clearly big things are in store for him, but what exactly? Well, that’s where the West Coast Avengers come into play!

The West Coast Avengers have a long comic history with a lot of different members. Originally popping up as a replacement team after the OG Avengers disappeared for Secret Wars, the West Coast Avengers soon grew into its own separate thing. So how can the MCU adapt this storyline? Well, it’s possible that US Agent could lead this team and if that was the case, just who exactly would join him? Some possibilities are White Vision, who we last saw in WandaVision and is probably struggling to find a place to belong, Moon Knight, who we know is getting his own Disney+ show relatively soon starring Oscar Isaac, as well as even possibly Human Torch! Yeah that’s right, how crazy would that be? Oh and let’s throw in War Machine in there too for good measure.

So go ahead and check out today’s video all about John Walker and the West Coast Avengers. After you’re done, be sure to hit that big like and subscribe button for more awesome MCU content like this. Oh and leave a comment telling us if you think John Walker earned a bit of redemption after that last episode! Thanks for watching CBR! Let’s get into it.

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