3 hours 4:48
How Much Is A Water Bank Worth To These Billionaire Owners? | Priceless | Forbes
In California’s Central Valley, water prices have risen as high as $2,000 an acre-foot. As a price comparison, in non-drought times water can sell for as low as $250 per acre-foot.
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10 hours 4:25
Weaponized ‘MysterySnail’ Windows Attacks Confirmed | Straight Talking Cyber | Forbes
Security experts evaluate how to secure Windows 11 is in the light of 14 vulnerabilities confirmed just one week after launch.
12 hours 3:35
iOS 15.0.2: Why Apple Is Issuing Emergency iPhone Updates | Straight Talking Cyber | Forbes
Apple’s iOS 15.0.2 is the latest in a barrage of emergency updates this year. Is your iPhone less safe?
1 day 15:32
What Apple's iPhone Security Nightmare Means For You | Straight Talking Cyber | Forbes
Forget iPhone 13 — Apple’s critical iPhone 14 problem just got worse.
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1 day 4:32
Facebook Still ‘Secretly’ Tracks Your iPhone. Here's How To Stop It | Straight Talking Cyber| Forbes
The iPhone setting you need to change to stop Facebook from harvesting data you don't want to share.
1 day 1:11
World Champion Skier Lindsey Vonn On How She Turned Her Failures Into Her Biggest Successes | Forbes
Lindsey Vonn is an Olympic gold medalist skier and a Forbes Under 30 alumna.
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2 days 3:09
Free Speech Rights At Risk: Why The DOJ Is Targeting School Board Meetings - Steve Forbes | Forbes
The Biden Administration has launched a major attack on our free speech liberties. Are your rights to free speech at risk?
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2 days 6:13
Roblox Makes A Metaverse Move Fortnite Should Worry About | Paul Tassi | Forbes
Roblox is totally overhauling its avatar system in a way that offers a huge amount of styles and customization options. Fortnite and its premade skins should take note.
2 days 2:45
Indra Nooyi: “We Need To Stop Talking About Childcare As A Female Issue” | Forbes
Former PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi discusses the trade-offs working mothers face and why both men and women have a role to play in solving for America’s childcare crisis.
3 days 3:53
Trump Would Be Richer If He Had Invested His Inheritance Into The S&P 500 | Forbes
Trump critics have long claimed that if the former president had simply taken the money his father gave him, stuck it in the S&P 500 and watched the money appreciate over time, he’d be far richer.
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3 days 3:40
What The Fed Can Learn From The History of Inflation - Steve Forbes | What's Ahead | Forbes
As the Federal Reserve, the White House and Congress play with fire regarding future inflation and economic stagnation, there’s a lot they can learn from the history of inflation.
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3 days 5:03
How TomboyX Built A Brand For An Overlooked Market | Forbes
In 2013, at age 52, Dunaway and her wife, Naomi Gonzalez, cofounded the gender-neutral underwear and loungewear company TomboyX out of their garage to make quality button-down shirts.
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4 days 30:43
Payal Kadakia Announces ClassPass Acquisition And How She Found Success As A Female Founder | Forbes
ClassPass founder Payal Kadakia shares the news that her fitness startup, most recently valued at $1 billion, has been acquired by wellness platform Mindbody.
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4 days 6:19
Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe Herd Describes How Life Has Changed Since Company Went Public
At the #Under30Summit, Whitney Wolfe Herd, Founder and CEO of Bumble, discusses going through an IPO and creating an app that she says will "outlive" her.
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5 days 23:09
Call Her Daddy Host Has No-Holds-Barred Conversation At Forbes Under 30 Summit
Alexandra Cooper has a no-holds-barred conversation about her hit podcast “Call Her Daddy” at the #Under30Summit.
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5 days 4:32
Alexandra Cooper Speaks Candidly About Becoming A Target
At #Under30Summit, "Call Her Daddy" podcast host Alexandra Cooper talked to Diane Brady about how about how she's "become more self-aware" and more of a "target" as her platform has grown.
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5 days 7:05
Alexandra Cooper Talks About Breaking Taboos And How It's 'Dope' To Be Vulnerable
At the #Under30Summit, Alexandra Cooper talked to Diane Brady about how conversations about sex, mental health, and therapy on her podcast, Call Her Daddy, are breaking taboos.
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5 days 1:17
'Women's Health Is Not Niche But A Multi-billion Dollar Opportunity Every Year'
Carolyn Witte, co-founder and CEO of Tia, describes her goal of helping improve women's health at the #Under30Summit.
5 days 1:22
'Investors Were Literally Canceling Their Meetings With Us'
At #Under30Summit, Patrick Mrozowski, Co-Founder and CEO of Point Card, spoke about the "brutal day" that came before the market realized his product's strength and incredible momentum that followed.
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5 days 8:18
'Anything That Black People Have Not Achieved Is Not Due To Ability -- It Is Only Due To Access'
At the #Under30Summit, Brandon Fleming, Author and Founder & CEO of Harvard Diversity Project, describes the obstacles he faced in his childhood before getting to Harvard, and the responsibility he
1 182
5 days 2:07
'We Save Our Customers Thousands Of Dollars A Year'
Allisa Song, Cofounder & CEO of Nanodropper, describes to Alex Knapp how her business has drastically helped patients and medical professionals alike at #Under30Summit.
1 172
5 days 3:14
Fashion Designer Describes How Kylie Jenner 'Accelerated' Her Business
At the #Under30Summit, Kim Shui (@hpnotik_), Founder and Designer of Kim Shui, describes when @KylieJenner wore her fashions which "really accelerated my business." #ForbesUnder30 Read the full
6 296
5 days 7:12
What CEO Told Mom When He Was 8 -- And It Came True
At the #Under30Summit, Alchemy CEO Nikil Viswanathan described to Randall Lane his life story and what led to his becoming an trailblazing tech CEO.
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5 days 2:54
Alchemy CEO Reveals The 'Secret Sauce' To Hiring
At the #Under30Summit, Alchemy CEO Nikil Viswanathan revealed to Randall Lane the "secret sauce" to hiring.
5 days 1:12
Trailblazing Tech CEO Gives Unvarnished Take On NFTs
At the #Under30Summit, Alchemy CEO Nikil Viswanathan gives his unvarnished take to Randall Lane on #NFTs: "This is going to be the future." #ForbesUnder30 Read the full story on Forbes: Subscribe
5 days 2:31
Diversifying A Workforce Starts At 'The Earliest Stage'
At the #Under30Summit, Reggie Willis, Chief Diversity Officer at Ally, and Travis Montaque, Founder and CEO of Holler and Group Black Inc, spoke to Raquel Harris about efforts to diversify
5 days 0:52
How Companies Can Go 'From Words To Deeds' On Diversifying Their Workforce
At the #Under30Summit, Reggie Willis, Chief Diversity Officer at Ally, spoke to Raquel Harris about getting companies to go "from words to deeds" in diversifying workforces at companies large and
5 days 1:40
'Everyone Needs To Be At The Table'
At the #Under30Summit, Travis Montaque, Founder and CEO of Holler and Group Black Inc, spoke to Raquel Harris about efforts how to increase diversity and representation in business.
5 days 1:32
'Time Is A Social Experience'
Dylan Diamond, co-founder and CEO of Saturn, explains why, "Time is a social experience," at the #Under30Summit.
5 days 4:57
Billionaire Antibody Innovator Asked: What Does The World Looks Like Post-COVID-19?
At the #Under30Summit, Alex Knapp asks AbCellera CEO Carl Hansen what the world looks like post-COVID-19.
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