9 hours 4:42
Afghanistan: Why Is Lashkar Gah Important?
With around 200,000 people, Lashkar Gah is a relatively small city but serves as the political centre for Helmand Province, Afghanistan.
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1 day 2:07
Watchkeeper Exclusive: Up Close And Personal With The Uk-Built Drone
We've been given an exclusive up-close tour of the British-built Watchkeeper drone, which has been used successfully on the battlefield, including in Afghanistan.
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1 day 3:50
How Good Is Russia's Newest Stealth Fighter 'Checkmate'?
A future aircraft displayed at the MAKS-21 airshow in Russia has captured attention worldwide.
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1 day 3:29
The Army's NEW Night Vision Goggles 👀
Forces News has got an early look at new night vision goggles (NVGs) that will be issued to British troops next year.
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3 days 4:58
Us Army Shows Us Their Amazing New Jltv! • Exercise Rattlesnake
The Welsh Cavalry has experienced some of the US Army's cutting edge vehicles, including the JLTV, or Joint Light Tactical Vehicle.
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6 days 2:44
Why The UK's New Space Command Matters 🛰️
A special ceremony has marked the official opening of UK Space Command at RAF High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire. 📡 The MOD has promised to invest £1.4 billion pounds in space over the next ten years.
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8 days 10:57
Can Baby Falcons Prevent Plane Crashes?
In the past 50 years, tens of thousands of bird strikes have been recorded on military aircraft. In serious cases, they’ve brought jets down, resulting in multiple casualties and loss of life.
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8 days 5:04
MRZR: Royal Marines Learn To Drive Light Strike Vehicle!
Royal Marines are testing a light strike vehicle to take recce groups, snipers or heavy weapons teams deep into enemy territory.
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10 days 2:42
Exercise Rattlesnake: Tour Of Special Forces RZR Vehicle!
The Welsh Cavalry have been given the chance to try out a vehicle usually reserved for special forces.
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10 days 2:59
☑️ EXPLAINED: What Is Multi-Domain Integration?
What is multi-domain integration and why does it matter? The concept will see British forces and their allies striving to achieve a single outcome.
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13 days 4:49
Military Shows Us Their Experimental Hybrid Vehicles! 🚘
The Army has been showing off three new experimental vehicles which they hope will revolutionise military transport in the future.
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13 days 5:11
Protecting HMS Queen Elizabeth: On The US Destroyer USS The Sullivans
The captain of USS The Sullivans - which is protecting HMS Queen Elizabeth on her maiden operational voyage - has told Forces News his crew are “ready for anything”.
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15 days 5:24
HMS Belfast: Guided Tour Around The Revamped WW2 Museum Ship!
HMS Belfast has reopened to the public for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic began.
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17 days 7:32
Exercise Rattlesnake: Working 'To Ensure Failure'
What has a fake village got to do with one of the world’s largest military exercises this year?
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20 days 5:03
✔️Explained | What Is The British Army’s True Value?
For the first time, a study has attempted to put a monetary value on the Army's role in British life.
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20 days 2:58
Moving On: One Of Army's Oldest Bases Closes For The Final Time
Cavalry Barracks in Hounslow has closed, having been in use for more than two centuries, most recently by the Irish Guards.
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22 days 4:20
Major Culture Change Recommended To Improve Experience For Female Personnel
There are still serious problems with diversity in the military, which is impacting women leaving the Armed Forces, according to a new report.
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22 days 2:52
Exercise Roadmaster: Personnel Take On Public In MOTORSPORT TEST 🚙
Military personnel and civilians have gone head-to-head on Exercise Roadmaster in Yorkshire.
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22 days 1:15
HMS Queen Elizabeth Sails Through Suez Canal With Carrier Strike Group! ⚓
Earlier this month, HMS Queen Elizabeth and her Carrier Strike Group travelled through the Suez Canal. The first half of this video has no sound.
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23 days 8:04
Prince Charles Presents Parachute Regiment With New Colours! • EXTENDED HIGHLIGHTS
Full story: forces.net/news/prince-charles-presents-parachute-regiment-new-colours-colchester The Prince of Wales has presented the British Army's Parachute Regiment with new Colours
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24 days 5:59
EX RATTLESNAKE: Meet The First Female Soldier In The Welsh Cavalry!
A 23-year-old gunner has been making history as the first female soldier in the Welsh Cavalry.
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24 days 2:30
Operation Rose: Gurkhas Proud Of COVID Testing Operation
As part of the recent Armed Forces Week, we heard from personnel involved in Operation Rescript – the effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic in the UK.
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27 days 2:37
Veterans Battle Life-Changing Injuries In Charity Row
A group of military veterans who’ve suffered life changing injuries are tackling a mammoth challenge. They’re kayaking from Lands End to John O’Groats - effectively the length of the UK.
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27 days 3:17
Why Are The UK And Germany Joining Forces In NATO Skies?
The Royal Air Force and the German Luftwaffe are forging closer ties in the Black Sea region.
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28 days 4:01
Operation TORAL: UK Armed Forces' Mission In Afghanistan Ending
The Prime Minister has confirmed that the majority of British service personnel have now left Afghanistan.
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29 days 2:23
HMS Prince Of Wales Docks In Gibraltar In Historic Visit
HMS Prince of Wales has arrived in Gibraltar for her first port visit outside the UK.
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29 days 3:26
Soldiers Play 'Three Lions' Ahead Of ENGLAND V DENMARK Euro 2020 Semi-Final!
It's England vs Denmark tonight in the semi-final of Euro 2020!
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31 day 9:23
Exercise Rattlesnake: What Makes The Us Army's Fort Polk So Crucial?
Fort Polk in Louisiana is the home of the US Army’s Training Centre. It takes 300 days to plan an exercise because of the scale and complexity of what happens during training.
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34 days 3:26
Remembering Princess Diana's Military Associations
Princess Diana was known for her charitable causes, the Princess of Wales also had numerous military associations.
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34 days 10:09
SPECIAL ACCESS: Onboard HMS Queen Elizabeth In Cyprus During CSG21!
F-35 jets operating from aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth have flown 90 sorties as part of Operation Shader – the fight against so-called Islamic state.
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