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Could This New Helmet Camera Change The Way Royal Marines Operate? | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/how-will-new-helmet-camera-change-way-royal-marines-operate A new helmet-mounted camera system, capable of sending live footage from the
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How The Military Sets Up Coronavirus Mobile Testing Units • IRISH GUARDS | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/coronavirus-how-military-runs-mobile-testing-units Members of the British military have helped carry out more than half a million coronavirus
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How The British Army's BIGGEST Garrison Is Getting Even Bigger • CATTERICK GARRISON | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/catterick-study-assess-how-army-base-can-welcome-3500-extra-troops There are plans for Catterick Garrison to be redeveloped ahead of an almost
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How The Army Trains Sappers To Build Bridges 💪 | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/how-army-trains-sappers-build-bridges Reservists from the Midlands, Channel Islands and south Wales have been gathering on a Dorset beach to
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What Does RAF Odiham's Chinook Forces Do? | Forces TV
RAF Odiham is home to the UK Chinook Force and the Royal Air Force Chinook Display Team.
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Meet The Father And Son Duo Working Together At Cyprus' RAF Akrotiri | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/meet-father-and-son-working-together-raf-akrotiri We have got to meet a father and son duo working together at RAF Akrotiri in Cyprus.
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Prince Philip Hands Over Rifles Colonel-In-Chief Role In A RARE Public Appearance | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/prince-philip-be-succeeded-rifles-colonel-chief The Duke of Edinburgh has handed over his role as Colonel-in-Chief of The Rifles to the Duchess
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Training With The Royal Marines Who Guard The UK's Nuclear Deterrent • 43 COMMANDO | Forces TV
⚠️ Warning: this video contains scenes of simulated injury.⚠️ Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/training-royal-marines-who-guard-uks-nuclear-deterrent Royal Marines from 43
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Op Azotize: What Is The RAF's Role In Lithuania? • NATO AIR POLICING ✈️ | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/op-azotize-what-raf-doing-lithuania One hundred and fifty Royal Air Force personnel are on Baltic Air Policing duties in Lithuania this summer
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Captain Sir Tom Moore Gets Knighted By The Queen! ⚔️ | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/captain-tom-moore-army-veteran-knighted-queen Second World War veteran and NHS fundraising hero Captain Sir Tom Moore has been knighted by the
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Tower of London Reopens After 16-WEEK Closure | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/tower-london-reopens-first-time-lockdown The Tower of London has welcomed back visitors after being shut for 16 weeks because of the coronavirus
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Watch The Queen's Video Call With British Military Personnel! | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/queen-video-calls-personnel-hear-about-their-work Her Majesty the Queen has spoken to members of the UK’s Armed Forces to hear how their lives
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Meet The UK's ONLY Behind-Bars Cadet Unit | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/meet-uks-only-behind-bars-cadet-unit We have been given special access inside the UK's only behind-bars cadet unit.
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Meet The FIRST EVER Navy Ratings To Do Basic Training At Dartmouth • BNRC | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/whats-it-do-navy-basic-training-dartmouth New Royal Navy recruits have undergone their basic training at Britannia Royal Naval College (BRNC) in
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Op TOSCA: INSIDE The Cyprus Buffer Zone With Reservists On Peacekeeping Duty | Forces TV
Around 240 reservists from 7 Rifles and 5 Royal Regiment of Fusiliers make up the battlegroup deployed on Op Tosca where UK troops are acting as UN peacekeepers in Cyprus patrolling the buffer zone
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29 days 3:41
Military Vehicles Join Troops For A Mock Battle And Mine Clearing!💥 • OP CABRIT TRAINING | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/soldiers-conduct-mock-battle-and-mine-clearing-op-cabrit-preparations British soldiers have been training ahead of Operation Cabrit in Estonia
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New Army Recruits Pass Out At Winchester • ANZIO COMPANY | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/new-recruits-pass-out-army-training-regiment-winchester A passing out parade for the British Army’s newest recruits has taken place at Army
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Infantry Personnel Hand Over COVID Support Force Duties To Gunners | Forces TV
Reservist battalion 4 YORKS has passed its coronavirus support duties on to regulars 4 Regiment Royal Artillery.
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HMS Queen Elizabeth Returns To Portsmouth As 'FULLY TRAINED' Aircraft Carrier | Forces TV
Read more on this story: 👉 forces.net/news/hms-queen-elizabeth-returns-portsmouth-after-flight-trials The Royal Navy's future flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth has sailed back into her home
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How Royal Marines Train For Caribbean Hurricane Season • 45 COMMANDO | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/royal-marines-train-caribbean-hurricane-season Royal Marines from 45 Commando have been training ahead of a potential deployment to the Caribbean
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Section Defence Drills And Mounted Firing Training With Soldiers Before Operation Toral | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/2-scots-hone-skills-ahead-afghanistan-deployment Soldiers from 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Scotland have been in Cumbria continuing
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How The Army Is Training Its Future Soldiers... While Social Distancing | Forces TV
Catterick's Infantry Training Centre has welcomed back its newest recruits, after the coronavirus pandemic paused their training.
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Armed Forces Day 2020 Celebration: Frontline Britain | Forces TV
To mark Armed Forces Day 2020, we have taken a look back at the work of the British military in the past year.
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Voyager Lands At RAF Brize Norton With New Union Flag Paint Job! 👀 | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/new-look-vip-voyager-unveiled-after-ps900k-paint-job The RAF Voyager which has been given a £900,000 paint job has landed at Brize Norton.
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Joint British-Qatari Squadron Starts Flying For The FIRST TIME! • 12 SQUADRON | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/british-qatari-joint-typhoon-squadron-begins-flying-training The Royal Air Force and Qatar Emiri Air Force's joint squadron has commenced flying
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Checkpoint Charlie: What Was It Like To Use The Cold War Crossing? | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/checkpoint-charlie-30-years-cold-war-symbol-was-dismantled Thirty years have passed since one of the Cold War’s most potent symbols was dismantled.
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The RAF Aircraft TRANSFORMED To Fight Coronavirus | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/coronavirus-raf-aircraft-reconfigured-transport-covid-19-patients Two RAF aircraft normally used to transport Government ministers and VIPs have
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Flying Over Paris And London With The Red Arrows! | Forces TV
The Red Arrows played a leading role in the commemorations marking 80 years since Charles de Gaulle's historic Second World War speech by flying over Paris and London, alongside their French
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48 days 2:14
Coldstream Guards Perform Dame Vera Lynn's 'We'll Meet Again' In Full | Forces TV
In London, the Band of the Coldstream Guards paid their own special tribute to Dame Vera Lynn, who has passed away aged 103.
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Virtual Battlefield: The Simulator Training The Army's NEWEST Combat Unit | Forces TV
Read the full story👉 forces.net/news/virtual-battlefield-how-reservists-have-kept-training-during-lockdown The newest combat unit in the British Army has been conducting virtual training
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