13 hours 3:29
Can this save troops’ lives in extreme cold?
A new system designed to keep injured personnel warm in extreme environments whilst they receive help is being put to the test.
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‘Bottom Field’: Royal Marines' most gruelling test?
Rifles ☑️ 30ft rope climb ☑️ Carrying troops in a race against the clock ☑️ What is the Royal Marines' infamous 'Bottom Field'?
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2 days 0:14
Is this the moment a British F-35B crashed? #Shorts
The Ministry of Defence says it is "aware" of this video, which has been circulating online.
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2 days 0:33
Timelapse: HMS Defender sailing home through Strait of Messina! #Shorts
The Royal Navy's HMS Defender has passed through the Strait of Messina. The Type 45 destroyer is on her way home after being part of the Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21).
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3 days 4:59
Fighting ISIS. An RAF pilot’s high-risk world.
🗣️ "You're very aware of the risk that's involved, you're an aircraft on your own and there are surface-to-air missiles around." A retired Royal Air Force pilot has given an extraordinary account
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3 days 0:30
Navy makes friends with penguins in Falklands! 🐧 #Shorts
The crew of Royal Navy icebreaker HMS Protector has met some friendly penguins while alongside in the Falklands.
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4 days 0:33
Timelapse: HMS Queen Elizabeth arrives in Mallorca 🇪🇸 #Shorts
HMS Queen Elizabeth has arrived in Palma, the capital of the Spanish island of Mallorca.
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5 days 3:14
RAF Support Force. The military's first responders?
⚠️This video contains scenes of simulated medical casualties⚠️ RAF Support Force, the Royal Air Force's main capability to move anything in the world, has taken part in its first major collective
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6 days 0:44
Royal Marines defend against air attacks in USA exercise 🇺🇸 #Shorts
The Royal Marines have defended allied forces from 'enemy' air attacks during a five-day training battle in the Californian desert.
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6 days 3:01
Ranger Regiment: The Army’s radical future soldiers
“A more agile, integrated, lethal and expeditionary force”. The Defence Secretary has announced his plans to modernise the British Army calling it the ‘most radical transformation in decades’.
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7 days 2:00
Duchess of Cornwall ‘inspired’ by RIFLES
🗣️ "I would certainly not wish to face any of you on the battlefield!" The Duchess of Cornwall has told Rifles' personnel how they have "impressed and inspired" her as Colonel-in-Chief of the
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7 days 0:41
Duchess of Cornwall with RIFLES at awards dinner #Shorts
The Duchess of Cornwall has joined veterans, personnel and other members of the royal family at the Rifles' Awards Dinner at London's Guildhall.
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8 days 8:57
Katrice Lee: A father's 40-year search
What happened to Katrice Lee? The two-year-old disappeared on 28 November 1981 – her second birthday – from a NAAFI shopping centre in Schloß Neuhaus near Paderborn in Germany.
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🇮🇹 Italian F-35s land on HMS Queen Elizabeth ✈️ #Shorts
Italian F-35s have landed on board HMS Queen Elizabeth for the first time.✈️ It makes Italy the first European NATO ally to operate the Lightning jets from the aircraft carrier.
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What is the Queen's Truncheon? And why the Gurkhas care so much about it.
What's the Queen's Truncheon and why is it important to trainee Gurkha riflemen?
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10 days 0:46
F-35s flying from HMS Queen Elizabeth again #Shorts
The Royal Navy's fleet flagship HMS Queen Elizabeth has seen F-35s operating from her flight deck again, following a crash involving a Lightning jet last week.
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10 days 0:33
HMS Argyll's new gun mounting in action #Shorts
Royal Navy frigate HMS Arygll's crew has been trying out a new gun mounting. The kit is designed to destroy small, fast-moving targets.
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11 days 0:36
Tamar and Spey crews train in Hawaii! 🇺🇸 #Shorts
The crews of the Royal Navy's Pacific task group were treated to their first taste of adventurous training in the rugged terrain and iconic beaches of Hawaii.
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12 days 2:25
Royal Marines vs US Marines: Who's better?
Ever wondered about the difference between the Royal Marines and the US Marine Corps, and who's better? 💪 Here's a brief comparison, including a look at their histories and training.
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13 days 5:27
Can a Red Arrows pilot fly commercial planes?
Steve Morris, who was Red 9 in the Royal Air Force's aerobatic display team, is hoping to start a new career in a commercial airline!
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13 days 0:52
Swiss Air Force comes to Yorkshire ✈️ #Shorts
The Swiss Air Force has been flying its F/A-18 Hornets out of RAF Leeming as part of Exercise YORKNITE.
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14 days 6:39
RAF's world record flight on 100% synthetic fuel
A Royal Air Force pilot has made history with the world's first-ever flight on 100% synthetic fuel!
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15 days 6:58
HMS Queen Elizabeth: Below decks on an aircraft carrier
What's it like on board the most expensive warship the Royal Navy has ever built?
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15 days 0:47
Military chief meets Queen (and her dog!) #Shorts
The Queen has met the head of the UK military in a face-to-face audience - her first official engagement since she missed the Remembrance Sunday service.
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American B-52s make huge flight from USA to Europe #Shorts
US Air Force B-52 Stratofortress strategic bombers have flown a marathon mission from North Dakota in the United States to the North Sea.
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15 days 0:28
Timelapse of CSG21 sailing through Suez #Shorts
This timelapse video shows the UK Carrier Strike Group 21 (CSG21) mission's passage through the Suez Canal and into the Mediterranean Sea.
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16 days 2:15
Astronaut threat: Why's Russia’s space missile test so risky?
Astronauts aboard the International Space Station had to take shelter in a capsule after Russia carried out an anti-satellite missile test.
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Is this the Red Arrows' most impressive move? #Shorts
This Royal Air Force video shows all nine Red Arrows jets arriving back at RAF Scampton in a huge loop move known as a 'Magnum Break'.
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16 days 0:32
When Royal Marines were given LSD #Shorts
This is what happened when Royal Marines trialled the use of LSD at Porton Down in 1964. The experiment with the psychedelic drug was designed to test non-lethal forms of defence.
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17 days 0:59
Army's 21-gun salute for Prince Charles' birthday!💥 #Shorts
A 21-gun salute has been fired by the British Army in Edinburgh to mark Prince Charles’ 73rd birthday.
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