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🐭 Magawa The LIFE-SAVING RAT Awarded Medal For Bravery! 🎖️ | Forces TV
Read the full story👉 forces.net/news/magawa-landmine-detecting-rat-awarded-gold-medal-lifesaving-bravery A rat used to detect landmines in Cambodia has been awarded a gold medal for his
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On Exercise With The Soldiers On Alert To Deploy Within DAYS👀 • EXERCISE GALLOWAY HACKLE | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/3-scots-sharpen-skills-galloway-forest Soldiers from 3 SCOTS have been on exercise in the far south-west of Scotland as part of their ongoing
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German Troops Train At Sennelager While British Army Personnel Are Away | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/german-army-train-sennelager-during-british-absence German soldiers have been making use of Sennelager Training Area during the absence of
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6 days 3:15
HMS Enterprise Returns To Devonport After 15-Month Deployment ⚓ | Forces TV
Full story: forces.net/news/hms-enterprise-returns-uk-after-15-month-deployment Royal Navy vessel HMS Enterprise has returned to the UK after 15 months.
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The Queen And Prince William Visit Porton Down's Defence Labs • DSTL | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/queen-and-prince-william-visit-porton-down-defence-labs The Queen has been joined by Prince William for her first public engagement outside of a
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Saying 'Goodbye' To RAF Marham's Victor Aircraft Gate Guardian ✈️ | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/sad-day-farewells-paid-outgoing-raf-marham-gate-guardian Farewells have been paid to RAF Marham's gate guardian which is to be scrapped after
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RAF Search And Rescue: What It's Like For A Rookie Trying To Join 84 Squadron 🚁 | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/raf-search-and-rescue-what-does-it-take-join-84-squadron To join the Royal Air Force's last remaining search and rescue unit in Cyprus, one has
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How British Army Divers Conduct Underwater Engineering 🌊 • Exercise Submerged Crusader | Forces Tv
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/army-divers-practise-underwater-engineering-exercise-submerged-crusader British Army divers have gathered in the north of Scotland for training
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Royal Marines Test New Future Commando Force Concepts! 👀 | Forces TV
Royal Marines have been testing new concepts for the Future Commando Force at Bovington Training Area in Dorset.
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Tempest: All We Know About The UK's NEXT-GENERATION Fighter Jet ✈️ | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/tempest-building-fighter-jet-future What will a sixth-generation fighter jet look like?
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Why A Military Driving School Has Become Home To 120,000 Bees 🐝 | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/military-driving-school-becomes-home-120000-bees A delivery of 120,000 VI bees has arrived at a military driving school in East Yorkshire.
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Trainee Recruits At Catterick Undergo UNEXPECTED Lesson In Chinook Helicopters 🚁 | Forces TV
Full story👉 forces.net/news/trainee-recruits-catterick-undergo-unexpected-lesson-chinooks Trainee recruits from the Queen's Division in Catterick have received an unexpected lesson in
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👀 Inside The LAST-EVER RAF Blackburn Beverley ✈️ | Forces TV
Find out more👉 forces.net/news/last-ever-raf-blackburn-beverley-sells-ps21000 We have been shown inside what is believed to be the last-remaining Royal Air Force Blackburn Beverley
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OP TOSCA: How Reservists Prepare For UN Peacekeeping Duties | Forces TV
Full story: 👉 forces.net/news/6-rifles-reservists-train-ahead-peacekeeping-deployment More than 200 reservists from 6 Rifles have begun preparing for their deployment to Cyprus where
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Why One Of Denmark's Largest Military Ships Is Training In Devonport ⚓ | Forces TV
Read the full story👉 forces.net/news/danish-navy-ship-start-training-devonport One of the Royal Danish Navy's largest ships is preparing for training at Devonport in Plymouth.
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D-Day's LAST SURVIVING Tank Landing Craft Makes Its FINAL Journey! | Forces TV
Read the full story👉 forces.net/news/last-surviving-d-day-tank-landing-craft-makes-final-journey The last surviving tank landing craft used on D-Day arrived in Southsea last month as
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Battle of Britain Remembered: When The RAF Took On The Luftwaffe In WW2 ✈️ | Forces TV
To commemorate the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, we've recalled the heroic air campaign that changed the course of the Second World War.
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Princess Anne Joins Gurkha Signals For A Double Celebration! 🎉 | Forces TV
Read the full story👉 forces.net/news/princess-anne-joins-gurkhas-double-celebration Princess Anne has visited 30th Signal Regiment to commemorate the 71st anniversary of The Queen's
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Meet The Team Training The NEXT GENERATION Of Military Drivers 🚛 | Forces TV
Read the full story👉 forces.net/news/defence-school-transport-training-next-generation-military-drivers We've been given special access to the Defence School of Transport - the largest
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Gurkha Recruits Conduct A DAWN ATTACK! 💥 | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/gurkha-company-how-army-unit-carries-out-dawn-attack Recruits in the British Army's Gurkha Company have been honing their urban warfare skills
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How Military Dogs Help Protect RAF Akrotiri From The Sea! 🐶 | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/how-military-dogs-help-protect-raf-akrotiri The Royal Air Force Police and their working dogs have been practising how to apprehend offenders in
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British F-35Bs Are Among 50 Aircraft On Exercise Point Blank ✈️ | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/raf-us-aircraft-part-high-end-fight-drill-over-north-sea For the first time, F-35Bs from 617 Squadron have flown alongside their American
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British Troops Train Before Deploying To Mali! • Light Dragoons And Royal Anglian | Forces Tv
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/uk-troops-reach-training-milestone-ahead-mali-deployment British troops deploying to Mali on a United Nations peacekeeping mission later this
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HMS Queen Elizabeth Sails From Portsmouth After Delays ⚓ | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/hms-queen-elizabeth-leaves-portsmouth-following-coronavirus-cases HMS Queen Elizabeth has left Portsmouth after delays due to cases of
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EXPLAINED: How The Tempest Fighter Jet Will Compare To The F-35 ✈️ | Forces TV
Could the UK be about to cut its planned order for 138 F-35Bs by half in the upcoming defence review?
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Camilla Gets Specially Composed Bugle Call On First Rifles Visit As Colonel-In-Chief! 📯🎶 | Forces TV
Read the full story👉 forces.net/news/camilla-visits-rifles-first-time-regiments-colonel-chief The Duchess of Cornwall has visited The Rifles for the first time following her appointment
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Record Number Of Gurkhas Assigned To Their First-Choice Units! | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/record-number-gurkha-recruits-selected-first-choice-unit The largest Gurkha intake in more than 30 years has found out their regimental homes
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What's The Future Of Gurkha Recruitment Amid Coronavirus? | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/what-next-gurkha-recruitment-covid-19-world The Brigade of Gurkhas is facing questions over how the coronavirus pandemic will affect its next
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Meet The FIRST Royal Navy-Owned And Operated Drones! • 700X NAVAL AIR SQUADRON | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/navy-drones-set-landmark-first-deployment Meet 700X Naval Air Squadron - personnel behind the very first Royal Navy-owned and operated drones.
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Soldiers Take On The British Army's Doko Selection Test... For Charity | Forces TV
Read more on this story👉 forces.net/news/soldiers-complete-charity-doko-race-nhs Personnel at the Army Training Centre in Pirbright have taken part in a special challenge to raise funds
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