1 hour 2:36
Duchess Of Cornwall's First Visit To 5 RIFLES as COLONEL-IN-CHIEF
The Duchess of Cornwall made her first visit to 5 RIFLES as Colonel-in-Chief of the regiment. Camilla took over as the regiment's colonel last July, succeeding the Duke of Edinburgh.
3 hours 4:38
Challenger 3: Why's The Army's Main Battle Tank Being Upgraded?
The Challenger 2 Battle Tank first entered service in 1998, but now upgrades have been confirmed to turn it into a Challenger 3.
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9 hours 2:37
PRINCE CHARLES | 'Enormously Proud' Of Welsh Guards At Duke Of Edinburgh's Funeral
Earlier in the month, the Prince of Wales visited the 1st Battalion Welsh Guards at Combermere Barracks in Windsor.
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2 days 4:36
Digital Transformation: How Can The Army Adapt For Future Warfare?
The recently published Integrated Review set out a vision in which national security and defence will increasingly be focused on the information domain.
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2 days 4:15
Paratrooper Veteran Nears End Of 190-MILE CHALLENGE For Forces Charities
A paratrooper veteran who’s spent 14 years raising more than £300,000 pounds for charity, is nearing the end of a gruelling 190-mile challenge.
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2 days 3:58
Battle Of Danny Boy | Iraq War's Fight Turned Into Bbc Drama
The Battle of Danny Boy was one of the most ferocious firefights of the Iraq War.
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4 days 4:43
Exercise CAIRN PATROL | Section Patrol Competition For 3 RIFLES
⚠️ WARNING: This report contains scenes of simulated injuries that some viewers may find distressing ⚠️ Soldiers from 3 RIFLES have taken part in Exercise Cairn Patrol, a gruelling section patrol
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4 days 6:10
Paratroopers Train In New High-Tech Urban Battlefield Simulator
16 Air Assault Brigade are the British Army’s global response force, able to deploy and fight anywhere in the world within hours.
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7 days 3:31
👟Veteran WALKS His Way Out Of LOCKDOWN | 10km A Day For 155 Days
39-year-old veteran Gareth Humphrey vowed to walk 10km every day until the first weekend of eased coronavirus lockdown restrictions.
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7 days 3:18
'We're Also Human' | GURKHAS Fundraise For Mental Health Charity
Gurkha Company Catterick has completed a gruelling 2,078km charity challenge to raise awareness of mental health in the Gurkha community.
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7 days 4:57
Army Unveils The NEW CHALLENGER 3 Main Battle Tank!
The British Army has unveiled its new Challenger 3 Battle Tank, which is designed to be one of the most advanced tanks in the world.
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7 days 4:15
FISHING ROW: Why Were Royal Navy Warships Sent To Jersey?
Royal Navy patrol boats HMS Severn and HMS Tamar have been told to return from their patrol of the waters around Jersey after a protest by French fishermen saw around 60 vessels blockade the port in
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9 days 3:30
EXPLAINED | Does Joining The Military Before You're 18 Mean An Increased PTSD Risk?
New research found little evidence that early recruitment had any association with an adverse impact on long-term mental health.
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9 days 3:58
Un Operation Ready | Uk Troops Prep For Dangerous Mali Mission
⚠️ WARNING: This report contains scenes of simulated exercises which some viewers may find distressing ⚠️ More than 200 soldiers from the 2nd Battalion the Royal Anglian Regiment and 1st The
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11 days 6:24
War In Afghanistan | A Timeline Of British Troops In The Country 🇦🇫
About 750 UK personnel are currently in Afghanistan in a non-combat role as part of a NATO mission.
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Artist Paints Stained Glass Church Window In Tribute To RAF Scampton 🖌️
A church with rich military heritage will be donning a new stained glass window which has been hand painted to pay tribute to RAF Scampton.
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14 days 3:44
Women In The Military: How Quickly Is Change Happening?
It has taken decades for men and women to have completely equal access to all career paths in the military. But how has defence adjusted to the changes?
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14 days 2:56
EXPLAINED | What Is The Overseas Operations Act?
The Minister for Defence People and Veterans Leo Docherty has described the passing of the Overseas Operations Bill into law as a landmark moment.
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14 days 3:46
Carrier Strike: Hms Queen Elizabeth Prepares For Maiden Deployment 🌊🚢
HMS Queen Elizabeth is about to set off on her maiden deployment. She will lead the UK’s Carrier Strike Group which will visit more than a fifth of the world’s nations over the next six months.
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16 days 3:36
Warrior: What Next For The Army's Infantry Fighting Vehicle?
The Warrior has been the British Army's main infantry fighting vehicle for nearly 40 years, but a promised upgrade to allow it to fire on the move has been scrapped, and they'll disappear from the
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16 days 4:46
CARRIER STRIKE: Navy Prepares For LARGEST Deployment In Over 10 Years 🚢
The Royal Navy’s largest deployment in more than a decade is to begin next week, taking in more than 40 countries and lasting more than six months.
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18 days 2:58
Hunter-Killer Submarine HMS TRENCHANT Ends 35 Years In 'Silent Service' 🌊
Britain's oldest operational submarine HMS Trenchant has reached the end of its operational life after 35 years in the so-called 'silent service'.
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18 days 3:30
Why Are The UK And India Growing Their Defence Relationship?
The Prime Ministers of the UK and India are to announce a roadmap towards closer links between the two nations.
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18 days 6:37
Inventor Tests Device To Protect Against Land Mines
An inventor from Derbyshire is adapting vehicles to save the lives of all passengers if they were to come into contact with a land mine.
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21 day 4:08
🌌 SPACE MACHINE For Amputee Veterans?🦿🦾
Amputee veterans are trialling an exercise machine designed for astronauts to improve bone density and muscle mass.
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21 day 3:26
✅ Everything You Need To Know About NATO's ARTICLE 5
Article 5 provides that if a NATO ally is the victim of an armed attack, each and every other member of the Alliance will consider this act of violence as an armed attack against all members and
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23 days 4:47
💻 🎮 E-Sports: When Military Teams Meet Civilian Teams
Army e-Sports is welcoming the public to its official gaming platform, which launched in March 2020. Has the coronavirus lockdown changed engagement strategies when it comes to online gaming?
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23 days 2:02
Royal Navy To The Rescue... Of A Peregrine Falcon 🦅
A peregrine falcon, the world's fastest animal, has been set free into the wild in Portsmouth after a very long journey.
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25 days 5:20
Climate Change | What Does It Mean For Uk Defence?
The Ministry of Defence's Climate Change and Sustainability Strategic Approach highlights the planned role of defence in meeting the UK's ambitions for long-term change and tackling issues
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25 days 2:23
Why Is This Sailor Running 7 MARATHONS IN 7 DAYS? 🎽👟
Able Rate Eddy Eggleton aims to complete seven marathons in seven consecutive days to raise money for the Motor Neurone Disease Association.
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