11 hours 11:51:56
NewsNOW Stream - 1/23/21
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VP Harris Sworn in on Thurgood Marshall's Bible | NewsNOW from FOX
Distinguished Professor of Law, James Douglas, at Thurgood Marshall School of Law, shares significant of Kamala Harris being sworn into office using Thurgood Marshall's personal bible.Thurgood
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23 hours 0:35
Radio and TV Legend Larry King Dies at age 87
His death comes after King was admitted to a Los Angeles hospital with COVID-19. Subscribe to NewsNOW from FOX!
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1 day 8:02:51
NewsNOW Stream Part 2 - 1/22/21
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1 day 8:26
LEGAL WEED: AZ Legalizes Recreational Marijuana, Lines Wrap Around the Corner
The Arizona Department of Health Services on Jan. 22 approved licenses for 73 facilities to begin selling recreational marijuana.
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1 day 10:25
Remembering Baseball Legend Henry 'Hank' Aaron | NewsNOW from FOX
Atlanta Braves legend and Baseball Hall of Famer Hank Aaron has died Friday at the age of 86.
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1 day 5:00
Paycheck Protection Program Up & Running For Small Businesses | NewsNOW from FOX
As the pandemic drags on, many business owners are looking forward to applying for loans under the revived Paycheck Protection Program.
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1 day 5:56
IMPEACHMENT 2.0 : Schumer Announces Senate Trial to Begin Week of Feb. 8 | NewsNOW from FOX
Senate leader Chuck Schumer announced that the trial to impeach Donald Trump will begin the week of February 8th. Subscribe to NewsNOW from FOX!
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1 day 6:55
Houston Doctor Charged With Stealing Doses Of COVID-19 Vaccine | NewsNOW from FOX
A Texas doctor was charged with stealing a vial containing nine doses of the COVID-19 vaccine. Subscribe to NewsNOW from FOX!
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1 day 3:31
Indoor Dining In Chicago Expected To Begin Saturday | NewsNOW from FOX
CHICAGO - Customers will be allowed back inside of bars and restaurants in Chicago and suburban Cook County beginning Saturday, provided coronavirus infection rates stay down.
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1 day 10:19:31
NewsNOW Stream Part 1 - 1/22/21
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BREAKING: Double Homicide Investigation Underway at Philadelphia Apartment Building
Philadelphia police are investigating after a man and woman were found dead inside an apartment in the city’s Bustleton section.
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1 day 20:35
President Biden Signs Executive Orders On Economy | NewsNOW from FOX
President Biden issues an Executive Order that will provide economic relief for families, communities, and small businesses across the nation.
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1 day 7:50
Schumer says Pelosi Sending Article of Impeachment to Senate Monday | NewsNOW from FOX
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi plans to send the article of impeachment against Donald Trump to the Senate on Monday, launching the start of the former president's trial on a charge of incitement of
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1 day 11:26
Annual COVID-19 shots? Dr. Mike Cirigliano live interview | NewsNOW from FOX
Penn Medicine's Dr. Mike Cirigliano provides coronavirus updates with NewsNOW from FOX Host Pilar Arias on Friday, Jan. 22, 2021.
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2 days 9:41:51
NewsNOW Stream Part 2 - 1/21/21
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2 days 6:55
BERNIE MEME: Senator Sanders Goes VIRAL After Mittens Pic | NewsNOW from FOX
Bernie Sanders has gone viral, and we have our favorites! Daytona Everett and Andrew Craft recap the Senator's viral moment. Subscribe to NewsNOW from FOX!
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2 days 9:15
First Full Day Of The Biden White House Post-Inauguration | NewsNOW from FOX
FOX 11's Elex Michaelson joins NewsNOW from FOX to discuss the latest from Washington DC on the Biden Administration's second day in office. Subscribe to NewsNOW from FOX!
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2 days 2:56
Day Two Of Biden Administration, Multiple Executive Actions Signed | NewsNOW from FOX
President Joe Biden will sign 10 executive orders on Thursday to fight the coronavirus pandemic, including directing that disaster funds be used to help reopen schools and requiring that people wear
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2 days 9:46
Inauguration Reaction From Michigan State Officials | NewsNOW from FOX
FOX 2's Roop Raj joins NewsNOW from FOX to discuss the reaction from various Michigan State Officials to Inauguration 2021. Subscribe to NewsNOW from FOX!
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2 days 19:25
Pennsylvania State Officials Testify Over 2020 Election Laws | NewsNOW from FOX
Pennsylvania State Officials testified earlier on Thursday over 2020 election laws. Subscribe to NewsNOW from FOX!
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2 days 4:06
Lettuce Farmers Are Hurting As Pandemic Rages On | NewsNOW from FOX
From November to April, Yuma County, Arizona supplies about 90% of the U.S. and Canada’s supply of romaine and iceberg lettuce. That’s about 2 billon servings.
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2 days 11:31
One-Year Since CDC Announced First COVID-19 Case In U.S. | NewsNOW from FOX
Dr. Peter Chin-Hong, an Infectious Disease Expert from UCSF talks about the latest with the COVID-19 rollout. It has been one year since the first coronavirus case was announced in the U.S.
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2 days 12:06
Latest In DC A Day After President Biden & Vice President Harris Inaugurated | NewsNOW from FOX
There is still an incredible level of security in D.C. following the inauguration of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. D.C.
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2 days 8:18:20
NewsNOW Stream Part 1 - 01/21/21
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2 days 0:51
"Give Me A Break!" President Joe Biden Snaps Back At Reporter For Question On Vaccine Roll Out
President Joe Biden refuses to answer a question from a reporter on his first full day at the White House. Earlier in the day he signed executive orders. Subscribe to NewsNOW from FOX!
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