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LiveNOW Stream - 7/31/21
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FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews on Tubi, upcoming NFL season
FOX Sports reporter Erin Andrews told Stephanie Weaver she is feeling excited for the upcoming football season.
5 hours 15:58
Infrastructure bill: US Senate meets in rare weekend session to debate 1T deal
The U.S. Senate met in a rare Saturday session to work on the deal that would spend $1 trillion on infrastructure. Virginia Sen.
20 hours 6:59:10
LiveNOW Stream Part 2 - 07/30/2021
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Boston train collision injures 23 people on Friday evening commute
At least 23 people were being evaluated for injuries Friday after two Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority trains collided in Boston, authorities said. Subscribe to LiveNOW from FOX!
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1 day 9:18
Trump tax returns: DOJ rules IRS to give them to Congress
The Biden Department of Justice on Friday said former President Trump’s tax returns must be released by the IRS to the House Ways and Means Committee.
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1 day 5:25
Boston train collision: Passenger explains moments of impact
Multiple people were being evaluated for injuries after two MBTA trains collided near Babcock Street on Friday evening, according to Boston Fire and the MBTA. Subscribe to LiveNOW from FOX!
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EF-3 Tornado rips through Bucks County, major cleanup effort underway
Officials in Bensalem say at least six people were hurt when a tornado ripped through Bucks County on Thursday night leaving a wake of destruction that includes a decimated car dealership and
1 day 4:50
Osama bin Laden’s family lists Bel Air mansion for $28 million | LiveNOW From FOX
Osama bin Laden’s brother, Ibrahim bin Laden, has listed his longtime Bel Air mansion for $28 million. The brother has not lived in the mansion since the September 11, 2001, attacks.
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1 day 5:15
'Mask up the border': Lindsey Graham says illegal immigration is biggest superspreader event
Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., is pleading with President Joe Biden's administration to "mask up the border." The Republican senator expressed concern that people who entered the U.S.
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1 day 11:31
'We don't have mandates': DeSantis won't enforce new COVID-19 restrictions | LiveNOW from FOX
Gov. Ron. DeSantis announced on Friday that Florida will not have any new COVID-19 restrictions.
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1 day 2:05
'Code black': Florida hospital system overwhelmed amid COVID-19 surge | LiveNOW from FOX
As the delta variant of the coronavirus continues to surge, AdventHealth reported a new pandemic-high number of approximately 1,000 COVID-19 hospitalized patients across the health care system’s
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1 day 7:46
'Large, dangerous' tornado leaves widespread damage in Bucks County | LiveNOW from FOX
A "large, dangerous" tornado ripped through Bucks County Thursday, leaving behind widespread damage.
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1 day 13:38
Carl Levin, former Michigan senator dies at 87
Former Sen. Carl Levin, a powerful voice for the military during his career as Michigan's longest-serving U.S. senator, has died. The Democrat was 87. His family says Levin died Thursday.
2 days 7:53
Pennsylvania tornado: Car dealership partially collapses in Bucks County
Video shows a partially collapsed car dealership in Trevose, Pennsylvania after severe storms and a tornado moved through the area Thursday evening. Subscribe to LiveNOW from FOX!
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2 days 4:19
Lollapalooza is back: Chicago music festival takes place this weekend
With full capacity crowds, 100,000 people a day will attend, delivering a big economic boost to local hotels and restaurants. But with COVID-19 still circulating there are new rules for entry.
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2 days 27:31
Biden sets COVID-19 vaccine requirements for federal workers
President Joe Biden on Thursday announced incentives as well as stricter preventative health measures for unvaccinated federal workers to encourage more Americans to get their COVID-19 shots.
2 days 10:25:15
LiveNOW Stream Part 1 - 7/29/21
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'True at the time!' Joe Biden fights back at reporter on mask guidance and vaccines
President Joe Biden yelled back at FOX News' Peter Doocy on the timeline of calling for those that are vaccinated don't need to wear a mask but months later the CDC flip flopped on that idea.
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2 days 7:01
New 'Original Beer Spa' opens in Florida | LiveNOW from FOX
Original Beer spa opens up in Orlando, Florida. The popular beer spot is the only place in the country that allows drinking while in the tub.
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2 days 1:50
Mystery 'guy in jetpack' spotted in sky near LAX | LiveNOW from FOX
A Boeing 747 pilot reported seeing an object that might have resembled a jetpack 15 miles east of LAX, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.
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2 days 2:32
Officer adopts boy who saw mother & sister murdered | LiveNOW from FOX
Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office Detective Mike Blair and his family adopted Ronnie Oneal after the boy miraculously survived an attack at the hands of his father, who also killed his sister and
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2 days 2:14
Tsunami warning lifted after 8.2 earthquake off coast of Alaska | LiveNOW from FOX
A large earthquake struck off the coast of the peninsula was lifted early Thursday morning.The U.S.
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2 days 10:50:26
LiveNOW Stream Part 2 - 7/28/21
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2 days 18:09
Teen Faith Moore's body found after Arizona floods washed away her car
A large search effort has been brought to a halt after deputies say a body was found on Wednesday, confirming it belongs to the teenager who was swept away by floodwaters on July 24 near Cottonwood
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3 days 4:08
'Hypocrisy!': Kevin McCarthy rails against mask mandate on House floor | LiveNOW from FOX
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy gets heated on the House floor as masks have been re-implemented for lawmakers.
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3 days 2:01
20 people found in apparent human smuggling in Houston | LiveNOW from FOX
Authorities are investigating what appears to be a human smuggling incident at a southwest Houston apartment Wednesday, where at least 20 people were reportedly found. Subscribe to LiveNOW from FOX!
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3 days 1:19
ZZ Top bassist Dusty Hill dead at 72 | LiveNOW from FOX
Dusty Hill, known as ZZ Top’s longtime bassist, died at the age of 72. Hill passed away in his sleep at his home in Houston, Texas, according to his bandmates, who confirmed the news on social media.
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