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Newt Gingrich calls New York Times a 'propaganda paper'
Former House speaker and Fox News contributor reacts to the New York Times aiming to 'reframe' America's founding to focus more on slavery. 19 Aug 2019, 15:25
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Left Behind: Homeless Crisis in Los Angeles
In the summer of 2019, Fox News embarked on an ambitious project to chronicle the toll progressive policies has had on the homeless crisis in four west coast cities: Seattle, San Francisco, Los | 19 Aug 2019, 14:25
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Netflix sued for defamation by subjects of 'Afflicted' series
Netflix is accused of duping people with chronic illnesses into participating in an unscripted series that portrayed them as 'crazy hypochondriacs.' FOX News operates the FOX News Channel (FNC) | 19 Aug 2019, 15:20
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Bongino: 'Failed communist' Bill de Blasio is 'putting cops in danger'
Fox News contributor Dan Bongino said New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is putting police officers in danger with his far-left policies on "Fox & Friends" Monday and accused him of creating an | 19 Aug 2019, 13:39
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House Dems consider measures against Israel over Omar, Tlaib ban
Foundation for Defense of Democracies President Cliff May weighs in on Democrats' pushback on Israeli ambassadors. 19 Aug 2019, 12:20
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Kellyanne Conway discusses China, Trump's economy
Kellyanne Conway speaks to press outside of the White House. 19 Aug 2019, 13:06
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