4 days 8:19
Portland mayor is putting politics over public safety: DHS Secretary
Acting Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf tells 'Fox & Friends' that Portland saw little criminal activity overnight after Oregon state and Portland police stepped in.
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4 days 3:51
Florida's largest police union endorses Trump in unanimous vote
The Florida PBA makes its first endorsement in eight years; PBA President John Kazanjian explains ahead of his meeting with the president. Subscribe to Fox News!
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4 days 8:28
Ingraham: A teachable moment
Teachers unions turn their back on kids. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle Subscribe to Fox News!
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4 days 3:33
McCarthy on additional stimulus: Dems have a wish list, not a way forward
House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy weighs in on negotiations surrounding a new stimulus package. #FoxNews #Hannity Subscribe to Fox News!
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4 days 4:50
Bongino erupts over Pelosi's rhetoric toward federal police who protect her
Violence surges in many Democrat-led cities; reaction from Chicago Alderman Raymond Lopez and Fox News contributor Dan Bongino. #FoxNews #Hannity Subscribe to Fox News!
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4 days 6:36
Tucker: America is witnessing a brazen power grab
After two months of rioting and political chaos, there are still people who claim it all about the death of George Floyd. They're wrong. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News!
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4 days 6:03
Shocking report alleges human rights abuse at NBA training academies in China
From human rights abuses to the treatment of Hong Kong, the NBA's stance on China is very disappointing, says Arkansas Sen. Tom Cotton, Republican member of the Senate Intelligence Committee.
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4 days 1:08:09
Fox Nation Happy Hour
Tom Shillue hosts a trivia night featuring Fox Nation favorites, Tomi Lahren, David Webb, Kacie McDonnell! Don't forget to bring your beverage of choice! Subscribe to Fox News!
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4 days 2:04
Michael Flynn still remains in legal limbo even after Barr ruling
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals announces the full court will hear the case of the DOJ's decision to drop charges against President Trump's former national security adviser; Doug McKelway reports.
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4 days 45:36
Trump holds coronavirus press briefing | 7/30/20
President Trump speaks to press, clarifying tweet on mail-in voting. Subscribe to Fox News!
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4 days 9:51
'The Five' dismiss Trump's tweet proposing delaying the election
President Trump suggests election delay over mail-in ballots, 'glad' media is discussing voter fraud; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' #FoxNews #TheFive Subscribe to Fox News!
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4 days 9:45
Mick Mulvaney calls House Dems' $3 trillion stimulus proposal 'absurd'
Former acting White House chief of staff Mick Mulvaney weighs in on stimulus plan, 2020 presidential race. #FoxNews Subscribe to Fox News!
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4 days 39:11
Trump discusses donating plasma at American Red Cross National Headquarters
President Trump participates in a roundtable discussion on donating plasma at the American Red Cross National Headquarters. Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 9:18
Don Jr. blasts Twitter after being temporarily suspended
Donald Trump Jr. blasts Twitter's censorship and 2020 opponent Joe Biden's agenda for America. Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 41:06
Funeral for Congressman John Lewis; Obama delivers eulogy
The Celebration of Life events for Congressman John Lewis conclude on Thursday with a service at Ebenezer Baptist Church followed by an interment at South View Cemetery. Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 23:57
Trump meets with family of Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen
President Trump is meets with slain Fort Hood soldier Vanessa Guillen’s family on Thursday before announcing his support for a new congressional bill aimed at changing how sexual abuse and
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5 days 9:56
Dr Birx: There's no evidence hydroxychloroquine helps with coronavirus
White House coronavirus task force member Dr. Deborah Birx joins 'Fox & Friends.' Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 20:50
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5 days 2:56:55
Pompeo testifies before Senate on State Dept budget
Secretary of State Pompeo testifies to Senate Foreign Relations Committee on FY'21 budget, Hearing on 'Review of the FY 2021 State Department Budget Request' Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 6:03
Herman Cain dies after contracting coronavirus
Herman Cain, the former Republican presidential candidate and affable business magnate, died Thursday after being hospitalized for coronavirus, according to reports. Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 3:03
Trump suggests delaying election over mail-in voting
Chris Stirewalt reacts to President Trump suggesting delaying the election over potential mail-in voter fraud. Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 4:38
Police departments backing out of DNC security agreements
West Allis Police Department Chief Patrick Mitchell joins 'Fox & Friends' after backing out of a DNC security agreement over a ban on law enforcement's use of chemical irritants during protests.
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5 days 9:08
Ingraham: Do you know his name?
Last week in Milwaukee, a well-known, passionate figure in the community was murdered. #FoxNews #IngrahamAngle Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 1:11
Ruth Bader Ginsburg resting in hospital after non-surgical procedure
Supreme Court spokesperson says Ginsburg underwent a 'minimally invasive' procedure related to a bile duct stent the justice originally got about a year ago. Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 5:02
Special ‘Hannity’ Investigation: New York City’s precipitous decline
Lawrence Jones speaks to New Yorkers about rise in public drug use near Times Square. #FoxNews #Hannity Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 4:38
Tucker grills Jim Jordan on why he took campaign donations from Google
The CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google appear for congressional hearing on monopolies, accusations of political bias; reaction from Rep. Jim Jordan, R-OH.
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5 days 6:39
Tucker: Joe Biden's VP pick will be the most consequential in history
Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden could win in November. But he isn't capable of running the country. #FoxNews #Tucker Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 5:37
DHS pushes back on claims that federal officers are leaving Portland
Oregon State Police will be patrolling the area, but inside the federal courthouse boundaries federal court officers will be present; DHS Deputy Secretary Ken Cuccinelli explains.
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5 days 9:11
'The Five' react to GOP's accusation that 'Big Tech is out to get conservatives'
Silicon Valley titans deny political censorship at anti-trust hearing on Capitol Hill; reaction and analysis on 'The Five.' Subscribe to Fox News!
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5 days 6:45:26
Bezos, Zuckerberg, Cook and Pichai testify before House
Watch Live at 12 p.m. ET: Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Alphabet Inc. CEO Sundar Pichai and Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will testify before the House Antitrust Subcommittee.
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