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Coronavirus pandemic: UK scraps quarantine for fully vaccinated EU, US visitors • FRANCE 24
#Britain will allow fully vaccinated #visitors from the European Union and United States to arrive without needing to #quarantine from next week, in a huge and long-awaited boost for airlines and
3 hours 1:34
Tunisia in political turmoil as president dismisses more officials • FRANCE 24 English
#Tunisia lurched further into political uncertainty Wednesday, as President Kais #Saied sacked more officials, days after he suspended parliament and assumed executive powers in what opponents
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1951 Refugee Convention: Life saving protection 'more urgent today than ever' • FRANCE 24 English
Wednesday marks the 70th anniversary of the 1951 #RefugeeConvention, a key international treaty.
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US Blinken in India for talks dominated by Afghan turmoil, China • FRANCE 24 English
Top #US diplomat Antony #Blinken arrived Tuesday in #India for talks dominated by turmoil in #Afghanistan and common worries about China, while also touching on New Delhi's rights record.
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Tokyo Olympics: Biles says 'put mental health first' after withdrawing • FRANCE 24 English
Superstar gymnast Simone #Biles pulled out of a second event to protect her #mentalhealth on Wednesday, putting the spotlight on athletes' wellbeing at a #TokyoOlympics held under strict rules to
5 hours 6:21
Climate Change: Top scientists finalizing UN report amid extreme weather worldwide • FRANCE 24
As #scientists finalize a long-awaited update on global #climate research, recent extreme weather events across the globe have been startling: Historic rains and deadly flooding in central China and
5 hours 1:48
Brussels says 70% of EU adults have at least one Covid-19 shot • FRANCE 24 English
#EU chief Ursula von der Leyen said Tuesday that 70 percent of adults in the bloc have received at least one dose of a #Covid-19 #vaccine.
8 hours 1:34
Nigeria kidnappings: Children freed by gunmen struggle to recover • FRANCE 24 English
Gunmen who seized 121 #students at a high school in northwestern #Nigeria in early July have released 28 of them.
8 hours 1:54
Athlete support for Biles reflects growing awareness of mental health • FRANCE 24 English
Gymnast #SimoneBiles was flooded with messages of support from fellow athletes after she pulled out of two events at the #TokyoGames citing #mentalHealth, a sign of how awareness of emotional
9 hours 0:25
Gymnast Biles's Olympics in doubt after second pull-out over mental health • FRANCE 24 English
#US superstar #SimoneBiles pulled out of a second #TokyoOlympics gymnastics competition to protect her mental health on Wednesday, raising serious doubt over her participation in the rest of the
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UK's Johnson urges caution on drawing conclusions from falling Covid-19 cases • FRANCE 24 English
British Prime Minister Boris #Johnson urged caution on Wednesday on drawing conclusions from a seven-day decline in #Covid-19 cases in #Britain, saying it was too early to assess whether it was a
9 hours 1:36
Ethiopia's conflict: Eritrean refugees under attack in Tigray war • FRANCE 24 English
In a fresh sign of the humanitarian #crisis unfolding in #Ethiopia as violence spirals, the UN refugee agency UNHCR said on Tuesday it was concerned about 24,000 #Eritrean #refugees in two camps in
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'I want to live': What vaccine strategy for immunocompromised people? • FRANCE 24 English
The number of people in #France who have received at least one jab against #Covid-19 has crossed the 40-million mark, President Emmanuel Macron said on Monday.
10 hours 1:40
Tokyo Olympics: Britain win gold in swimming relay, exhausted Titmus seizes 200m crown
A #British team spearheaded by Tom Dean and Duncan Scott stormed to victory in the men's #Olympic 4x200m relay on Wednesday, narrowly missing the world record.
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US gymnast Simone Biles withdraws from Olympics all-around gymnastics • FRANCE 24 English
#SimoneBiles has withdrawn from the final of the individual all-around #gymnastics competition at the #Olympics due to concerns over her #mentalHealth, #USA Gymnastics confirmed on Wednesday.
10 hours 2:02
Instability in Lebanon contributes to tension along border with Israel • FRANCE 24 English
#Israel and #Lebanon exchanged fire last week after two suspects crossed into northern Israel from Lebanon, leading to an hours-long manhunt. The two men turned out to be African migrants.
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Macron promises transparency over French Polynesia nuclear tests • FRANCE 24 English
French President Emmanuel #Macron promised transparency around decades of #nuclearTests in #FrenchPolynesia and changes to compensation procedures on Tuesday when he stopped to talk to a group of
10 hours 1:13
'This is how I'm going to die': Officers tell Jan. 6 stories • FRANCE 24 English
“This is how I'm going to die, defending this entrance," #Capitol #Police Sergeant Aquilino Gonell recalled thinking, testifying Tuesday at the emotional opening hearing of the congressional panel
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US tells vaccinated people in high Covid risk areas to mask again • FRANCE 24 English
People vaccinated against #Covid-19 in high-risk parts of the #UnitedStates should resume wearing #masks indoors, the top health authority said Tuesday, a major reversal in guidance that underscored
10 hours 4:09
Coronavirus pandemic in Spain: Authorities ramp up vaccination as cases rise • FRANCE 24 English
The number of new #Covid-19 cases in #Spain continued to increase on Monday, with the 14-day incidence rate reaching 700 infections per 100,000 inhabitants, but officials said the situation was
10 hours 4:41
As rivals Ouattara & Gbagbo meet, is Ivory Coast on a path towards reconciliation? • FRANCE 24
#IvoryCoast President Alassane #Ouattara offered a hearty welcome to his predecessor Laurent #Gbagbo on Tuesday as the rivals met for the first time since the West African country's deadly 2010-11
10 hours 0:50
Conflict 'behind us', Ivory Coast's Ouattara says after greeting rival Gbagbo • FRANCE 24 English
#IvoryCoast President Alassane #Ouattara offered a hearty welcome to his predecessor Laurent #Gbagbo on Tuesday as the rivals met for the first time since the West African country's deadly 2010-11
10 hours 0:32
Macron in French Polynesia: France owes former colony 'a debt' over nuclear tests • FRANCE 24
French President Emmanuel #Macron said Tuesday that Paris owed "a debt" to #FrenchPolynesia over #nuclear tests conducted in the South #Pacific territory between 1966 and 1996, but stopped short of
10 hours 3:00
Lebanon political crisis: New PM begins bid to form much-delayed cabinet • FRANCE 24 English
#Lebanon's new prime minister-designate Najib #Mikati Tuesday held #consultations with political parties that he said "unanimously" agreed on the need to put together a #government quickly to rescue
16 hours 1:34
Deadly explosion at industrial park in German city of Leverkusen • FRANCE 24 English
At least two people are dead and five are missing after an #explosion rocked an industrial park in the western #German city of #Leverkusen on Tuesday, sending dark plumes of smoke into the sky.
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French city of Nice gains UNESCO world heritage status • FRANCE 24 English
The United Nation's cultural organisation (#UNESCO) said on Tuesday that it had added the #French Mediterranean city of #Nice to its world heritage list.
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Police tell of 'medieval' violence at US Senate hearing on Capitol attack • FRANCE 24 English
A congressional committee held its first hearing investigating the #Jan6 #US #Capitol attack on Tuesday with testimony by four police officers who struggled against a mob of then-President Donald
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Smiles and hugs as Ivory Coast President Ouattara greets longtime foe Gbagbo • FRANCE 24 English
#IvoryCoast President Alassane #Ouattara and long-time rival Laurent #Gbagbo hugged on Tuesday at their first meeting in over a decade, part of efforts to ease political tensions in the West African
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Long-time foes Gbagbo and Ouattara meet in Abidjan | Eye on Africa • FRANCE 24 English
Tonight, the political turmoil continues in Tunisia as parties call for dialogue following the President’s dismissal of the Prime Minister.
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Blast in German industrial park kills one, four others missing • FRANCE 24 English
An #explosion in a #German industrial park on Tuesday killed one person and left four others missing, setting off a fierce blaze and sending a pall of smoke over the western city of #Leverkusen.
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