Fan Level Midnight: Devoted to The Office - Official Trailer

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Published on 1 Jun 2020, 22:25
One of television's most popular comedies of all time, The Office, is the subject of a new docuseries that sets out to discover the show's enduring appeal to fans.

Filmed in locations across the United States, Fan Level Midnight: Devoted to The Office, will allow audiences to visit, the "real life" Dunder Mifflin, stroll through the LA studio where it was filmed, and meet fellow fans, like an auto mechanic who saved a woman's life using CPR tips from the show.

Fan Level Midnight: Devoted to The Office features original interviews from Paul Feig, Leslie David Baker, Andy Buckley, Kevin Reilly, Robert Shafer, Calvin Tenner, and many more.

The documentary -- which is still in production -- is directed by Shawn Cauthen (Netflix vs. the World).