Disney Classic Games: Genesis Aladdin's 'Final Cut' Mode Gameplay (Perfect Playthrough)

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Published on 1 Nov 2019, 1:19
The Disney Classic Games: Aladdin and Lion King collection features a perfect playthrough of Aladdin for SEGA Genesis that you can stop and pick up the controller to take over at any time. You can pause the game right at the last boss, for instance, and take over. The playthrough is impossibly good, with no hits, no lives lost, and a ton of goodies grabbed. This is the 'Final Cut' mode which, according to the creators, "Was never meant to feel like a completely new version of the classic game." They go on to say "That was never our intention or desire. Given how great the original game is, we wanted to only touch things that we truly felt would improve the overall experience and only make changes that the original team might have considered making if they had more time. In some ways, one could consider the Final Cut version a type of "Day 1" patch for the original game." See if you can spot the differences!