CES 2020 RTX Giveaway Update

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Published on 9 Jan 2020, 2:55
Sorry, everyone! due to suspected fraudulent activity on our CES 2020 Giveaway, we have cancelled our annual promotion. But we are still giving away 10 RTX 2080 Ti cards to deserving entries - we're just doing it today! And we still have more CES 2020 coverage coming throughout January.

Please watch the video to see if you may have received one of our prize pool GPUs, which we are giving to select community members who participated in our giveaway in good faith. If you have been named as a recipient of one of these cards, PLEASE ENSURE your YouTube profile has an email available for us to contact you to make arrangements.

We appreciate your understanding and continued support of our channel and hope you continue to enjoy our CES and PC gaming coverage.

NVIDIA CES 2020 Giveaway Terms and Conditions: nvidia.com/en-us/geforce/conte...