Top 10 Games Like Mass Effect on PS, XBOX, PC

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Published on 9 Sep 2020, 18:00
Hi, whats up?
My name is Eva, and you are on "Cyber raccoon" channel. I'm going to tell you about best games like Mass Effect on PS, XBOX, PC.

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0:00 Intro
0:17 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic
0:49 Dragon Age
1:16 Alpha Protocol
1:56 Precursors
2:20 Binary Domain
2:57 Everreach: Project Eden
3:38 No Man’s Sky
4:05 Anthem
4:34 The Outer Worlds
5:21 Borderlands 3

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Games in this video: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, Dragon Age, Alpha Protocol, Precursors, Binary Domain, Everreach: Project Eden, No Man’s Sky, Anthem, The Outer Worlds, Borderlands 3