How Pixar Designed the Ethereal Characters of Soul (Ft. Director Pete Docter)

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Published on 14 Dec 2020, 14:00
Soul, the new CGI animated film from Pixar, is dropping on Disney+ on December 25th, 2020. To celebrate its release, IGN sat down with Pixar movie director Pete Docter to talk about all the creativity that went into designing the titular souls like Joe (Jamie Foxx) and 22 (former SNL cast member Tina Fey), as well as the ethereal kindergarten teachers, better known as the counselors.

A veteran director of Pixar animated movies like Monsters Inc, Up, and Inside Out, Pete Docter is one of the best directors at Pixar. Soul, his new film (which is premiering on Dinsey Plus), follows an aspiring jazz musician turned music teacher, who, after an accident comes face to face with his mortality and the great beyond. This isn’t the first Disney Pixar collaboration to take on difficult topics. But with Soul, Disney teaches kids about the meaning of life and the acceptance of death.

While this Pete Docter interview doesn’t focus much on the plot of Soul, it does take a deep look into the Soul animation process and highlights all the creativity that was needed to design the out-of-this-world characters.

We hope you enjoyed this Pete Docter interview and for all things Disney, Soul, and Pixar stay tuned to IGN.