Attack on Titan: Declaration of War Episode Explained

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Published on 13 Jan 2021, 20:01
SPOILER ALERT! The first episode back after the holiday break and Attack on Titan's Episode 64, "Declaration of War," already marks a huge turning point for the season. We haven't seen much of Eren and the gang so far in season 4 so what have they been doing? Why does Eren want to talk with Reiner now? What's Willy Tybur's message to Marley and the other nations? Who is the War Hammer Titan? Avert your eyes and cover your ears before going any further!

In this episode, we see more of Reiner and the Marleyan Warriors leading up to Willy Tybur's announcement in the internment zone for the Eldians. It's been interesting seeing much of AoT S4 in Marley and getting a look of what life is like. Following Falco, Gabe, Udo and Zofia, you see the Eldians' struggle which Reiner, Bertholdt and Annie have also gone through. There's a good amount of call backs and references in AoT final season that we dive into.

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