Zack Snyder's Justice League - Harry Lennix Has a Martian Manhunter Question | IGN Fan Fest 2021

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Published on 27 Feb 2021, 19:04
If you've got questions for Zack Snyder about his four-hour cut of Justice League, you're in good company. Calvin Swaniwick and Martian Manhunter actor Harry Lennix dropped by IGN's Fan Fest with a question for the Snyder Cut director. Has Swanwick been Martian Manhunter this whole time?

Check out our full Fan Fest interview with Zack Snyder for more on the entire Justice League lineup, from Ben Affleck donning the cape and cowl again, to Superman in his black suit, an expanded role for Ray Fisher and Cyborg, the part Jared Leto plays as Joker, Darkseid and so much more!

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