Why GTA Devs Gave a Fan $10k - IGN Daily Fix

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Published on 16 Mar 2021, 22:18
On today's Daily Fix, Rockstar Games has decided not only to implement a patch that will make GTA Online loading times much faster, but they've also paid the modder who discovered the time-saving fix. T0st, the modder in question, will be awarded $10,000 through Rockstar's bug bounty program. Helpful modders aren't the only ones rolling in dough, as the ever-popular Roblox has been valued at $45 billion, yes, with a "B". This comes after the kids' content creation platform went public on the stock market. This incredible number would make Roblox more valuable than Epic Games, or Take-Two Interactive and Ubisoft combined. And finally, we've got more info on PUBG's third anniversary with PUBG Mobile champion, Dab Plays!

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