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Published on 28 Mar 2021, 16:00
Hardcore PlayStation Home fans are using unique methods to resurrect the divisive social space six years after its death. This is the Inside Story of the fans who refuse to let PlayStation Home die.

On March 31 2015, PlayStation Home closed its servers, leaving a very loyal PlayStation community hoping an alternative social space would arrive on PS4. That day never came.

Since then some of PlayStation Home's most passionate fans have decided to take matter into their own hands, finding ways to not only completely restore and bring back PlayStation Home, but hopefully preserve it in video game history for generations to come.

Every day games are lost to history with minimal effort from companies to preserve them, but fans and dedicated communities are attempting to save their favourites like PlayStation Home with unique methods of games preservation. Whether that be restoring old code with the help of companies like The Video Game History Foundation, or even building a remake in Dreams on PS4 from scratch.

Preserving game history, in its essence, is about keeping a game’s code alive. This is something that’s made substantially more complicated when a game like PlayStation Home is not only online based, but unfortunately also long dead.

This is the Inside Story of the fans who refuse to let PlayStation Home die.

00:00 - Intro
01:20 - The Rise and Fall of PlayStation Home
08:44 - Home Preservation
14:15 - Dreaming of a Place Called Home
17:45 - Home is Where the Heart Is
20:56 - Credits

Dale Driver is an IGN Senior Video Producer, and he'd like to thank Nagato and Destination Home, Kelsey Lewin and The Video Game History Foundation, iAnony, Eric Sapp for the incredible artwork and Will Batchelor for the chat bubble graphics.

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