Cyberpunk 2077: Play as Original E3 V

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Published on 20 Apr 2021, 23:00
Out of all the Cyberpunk 2077 mods, the option to play as original E3 V from the 2018 gameplay reveal has been high on the list. Now, thanks to a few Cyberpunk 2077 Nexus mods, you can do just that. Here is a quick look at what the original E3 V looks like in photo mode.

Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red is a futuristic, dystopian first-person shooter RPG adapted from the original Cyberpunk 2020 fiction by Mike Pondsmith. You play as V, a mercenary in Night City with the personality of Johnny Silverhand in your head. Johnny was a rockerboy turned terrorist, and as his personality starts to slowly take V's mind over, you must make hard choices, take on impossible jobs, and scrape together everything you can to survive in Night City.

E3 V (Mesh, Model, and Textures)
Created by Crazy Potato - Maxine - RickMaluzius - SerTeddyCups - KickingWriter - Avallonkao

Expressive Female V

Cyber Engine Tweaks
yamashi - awpsoleet

Save Editor (Project CyberCAT-SimpleGUI)
DeweySalt - Snapdragon2

E3 Clothes
KickingWriter - Wulfgaardian - Joell560

E3 2018 Samurai Jacket
SpookieCL (Patricio Alfaro)

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