NVIDIA Reflex GTC Announcements

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Published on 22 Apr 2021, 17:32
Overwatch and Rainbow Six Siege are now available with NVIDIA Reflex. Hear more about low latency improvements from NVIDIA’s Seth Schneider.

NVIDIA Reflex delivers the ultimate competitive advantage in esports games by dynamically reducing system latency when combining both GPU and game optimizations. This revolutionary suite of GPU, G-SYNC display, and software technologies measure and reduce system latency in competitive games (a.k.a. click-to-display latency). NVIDIA Reflex Low Latency Mode is available in GeForce 900 Series GPUs and newer.

Learn more: nvidia.com/en-us/geforce

Learn more about NVIDIA Reflex technologies: nvidia.com/reflex
See the first NVIDIA G-SYNC 360 Hz esports monitors: youtu.be/vAoTsrgfBik

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