Resident Evil Village: The Mercenaries Mode Hands-On -- IGN First

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Published on 27 Apr 2021, 14:00
IGN goes hands-on with Resident Evil Village's post game mode, The Mercenaries mode. Join us as we take our first steps into the mode's first area, which takes place inside The Village.

The Mercenaries Mode is unlocked after you beat Resident Evil 8's main campaign. Once you've done that, you'll have access to this new mode that pits you against hordes of enemies that need to be killed before time runs out. The Mercenaries Mode in RE8 also see's the return of The Duke, who hasn't been seen since Resident Evil 4. The Duke serves as a vendor between areas that allows you to upgrade weapons, buy new ammo, and acquire first-aid. Resident Evil Village's Mercenaries mode also includes new abilities to obtain during your playthrough. These abilities range from melee based combat, to bullet augments that deal more damage to enemies when their health is full.

All throughout April, IGN has been covering Resident Evil Village as part of IGN First. Be sure to head over to IGN to check out tons of exclusive gameplay, previews, and announcements on the upcoming game.

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