Returnal: 20 Essential Combat Tips

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Published on 30 Apr 2021, 4:00
Surviving life (and death) on Atropos is hard - here are 20 tips for you to master combat in Returnal on PS5.

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IGN has tons of Returnal gameplay - great returnal PS5 gameplay - of the new Returnal PS5 game, including 4K gameplay. You can see the Returnal Trailer 4K, the first Returnal PS5 trailer, and a Returnal gameplay trailer. There's also a Returnal preview and a full Returnal gameplay walkthrough captured on PS5. The Returnal game on Playsation 5 guide is sort of like Hades at 4K 60FPS, with Returnal gameplay 4K (or Returnal 4K gameplay if you prefer) focused on Returnal weapons or the weird roguelike Returnal story by Housemarque games. We've got a full Returnal review on IGN, too, covering Returnal gameplay mechanics for our full PS5 review of Returnal on PlayStation 5.

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