Why Venom Doesn't Need Spider-Man Anyway

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Published on 10 May 2021, 15:00
Sony is laying the foundation for its own cinematic superhero universe, and Marvel fans have one question. Are Sony movies like Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Morbius set within the MCU? But maybe there's a better question fans should be asking: Does it even matter? And judging by the new Venom 2 trailer, it seems like the answer might be... no?

If there's been one takeaway from Marvel's Venom comics over the past few years, it's that this Lethal Protector doesn't need Spider-Man to succeed. In this video, we break down how Venom has grown to become a franchise player in his own right. It just might be that the Tom Hardy Venom doesn't need Spidey at all. Especially when there are guys like Knull, a symbiote god of darkness hanging around!

When Venom first leapt onto the scene in 1988's The Amazing Spider-Man #300, he was portrayed as the dark antithesis to Spider-Man. Eddie Brock was a struggling journalist who lost his credibility thanks to Spider-Man and became consumed by revenge. He even wears Spidey's old costume, giant spider emblem and all. In those days, it was impossible to separate the two characters.

However, it wasn't long before high sales convinced Marvel to spin Venom out into his own solo comics. Venom started to see himself as a "Lethal Protector." His methods may be more brutal than Spider-Man, but they both want the same thing in the end. With a new mission and a new city to protect in the form of San Francisco, Venom took his first steps toward escaping Spider-Man's shadow.

Venom's early solo adventures illustrate that Eddie Brock's problems began long before Spider-Man ruined his life. As a man with serious self-loathing issues and a childhood full of emotional abuse, Eddie truly is his own worst enemy.

For the full story about Venom and why he doesn't need Spider-Man, watch the full video!